Tempura Japanese Grill’s 10th Anniversary

When my family is not in the mood for Chinese food, Tempura Japanese Grill is the first place that comes to our mind. I already lost count of how many times we’ve dined here. As a matter of fact, we can just order food without looking at their menu.

As we were about to enter their Robinson’s Manila branch, a huge board with a special announcement caught our attention. We found out that our favorite restaurant is celebrating their 10th anniversary. And as a gift, avid customers can enjoy their 8-pc Ebi Tempura for half the price until the end of August!

I am already paying the price of my stress eating so I decided to have a serving of some vegetables. The fresh lettuce and cucumber with the addition of shredded crabsticks, mangoes and Japanese salad dressing were really refreshing. The experience was as pleasant as the first time I tried it.

IMG_3356Kani Salad PHP145

When my mom asked what I wanted, I immediately uttered TOFU with great conviction. Their tofu steak has large chunks of deep-fried Japanese bean curd with ground pork and shitake mushrooms. The steak sauce has the right balance of sweetness and saltiness. Being tofu addicts, everybody enjoyed this particular dish.

IMG_3359Tofu Steak PHP160

I have to say that eating their Ebi Tempura has never been this amazing! Can you imagine getting more of it at only PHP225? Their 5-pc tempura costs PHP300 so their latest offer is such a good deal.

IMG_3365Ebi Tempura (8pcs) PHP225

We usually get their Chahan but my dad was a little adventurous that night so we tried Kaisen Raisu for the first time. Seafood lovers will definitely like this because you’ll get to dig into shrimps, scallops and cream dory. The asparagus, corn and carrots made the dish more vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. And the addition of the sweet yet spicy anchovies added more flavor and texture to the rice dish.

IMG_3370Kaisen Raisu PHP165

We were already busy eating when the rest of the food arrived to our table. I didn’t have the chance to take photos of the other dishes so I just grabbed the pictures from my previous post.

DSC_0091Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki PHP295

DSC_0080Vegetable Teppanyaki PHP190

The two teppanyaki dishes were both delicious. The seafood and vegetables were cooked just right giving the crunch that satisfied our palates.

Tori Chizu Maki is my comfort food. I can’t imagine something this small can uplift my foul mood. Breaded chicken fillet wrapping around cream cheese with colorful vegetables is already enticing. So plunging it in their cheese dip makes it more scrumptious.

DSC_0087Tori Chizu Maki PHP190

My father miscalculated and thought that the food he ordered would not be enough because of the latest addition in our family. He made a last minute request of Yakisoba which we ended up taking home.

DSC_0078Yakisoba PHP175

Visit Tempura Japanese Grill and enjoy their Ebi Tempura at half its regular price. Your every PHP1500 food purchase entitles you to a chance to win an overnight stay for two at Manila Hotel. :)

Tempura Japanese Grill
Level 1 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. so much food!! i think i'll have the tofu steak

  2. We haven't tried Tempura Japanese Grill, but the foods that you ordered look really delicious! Happy FTF! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks! http://www.delightmyappetite.com/2011/08/food-trip-friday-mongkok/

  3. i'd go for the kani salad and maki.:p

  4. I LOVE THE VEGE salad:) especially na may LETTUCE eheheh :) kinakain ko nga ang lettuce kahit walang kasama ehehe

    mine is up herE: http://www.yummywahmmy.info/ftf-9-ampalaya-salad/

  5. I didn't experience to eat yet a vegetable salad but I really want to try it, my daughter says its the best. Mine is up and its here thanks Little World of Fun

  6. everything looks great...love your kani salad and the tori chizu maki sounds really tasty! visiting late from FTF, hope you can visit me back! thanks and have a great week.

  7. It's really hard to decide what to choose! It's all delicious!!!

  8. Lovely pictures I so love Japanese dishes, thanks for the review! Following you now, hope you follow me too, www.gastronomybyjoy.com and www.joyshumblekitchen.blogspot.com


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