Supplier Review: Clip Photobooth

It is now customary to have a photobooth in almost all special occasions. But we were initially not very enthusiastic in getting one for our wedding. We already have two souvenir items for our guests on top of the mementos for the entourage members. Having a photobooth is a nice addition but we were very much willing to take it out of our list.

We were supposed to book a supplier but they didn’t respond when I requested for a sample print. We took it as a sign that we probably don’t need a photobooth on our wedding. But a friend told me that it is a nice way to keep the guests busy while waiting for the reception program to start.

I first saw Clip Photobooth during the wedding of my office mate. There are already a lot of photobooth suppliers in the market. But there will always be one thing that will set a specific supplier apart from the others. Aside from the fact that Clip’s prints are clearer, they are also affordable.

They also allowed me to “play” with the layout of the picture. I wanted to deviate from the usual layouts of four simple boxes placed side by side. I used some of our prenup pictures and had the boxes scattered so as not to hide the middle image.

We only booked them for two hours because we were working on a tight budget. After the reception, I asked them how much I need to pay for the extension. I was surprised when they told me that we still have thirty minutes left. That's the explanation for the succeeding photos. Puro mukha namin! Nyaha!!! :)

The best thing I like about them is the quality of their service. All transactions prior to our wedding day were all coursed through SMS and emails. Their staff is also so friendly. One of the owners who was also present in the event even apologized because their staff kept on teasing each other. It wasn’t actually a problem because we were actually entertained. It’s a plus for me because I already experienced a grumpy photobooth operator during a friend’s party. It totally ruined my good mood.

When we were about to leave the reception venue, Kuya (I forgot to get his name) even helped us carry some of the things that we were clearing. :)

Clip (Contact Live Photography) Photobooth
Rating: 5/5

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