A Breeze of Good Deeds #16: Project Shoebox

Published on December 07, 2009

More than the twinkling lights, bazaars and the cold breeze, Christmas is a time of giving. And since Christmas is the birth of Jesus, the best way to celebrate it is by putting a smile on the face of another child.

It is unfortunate that a lot of children suffer from hunger, poverty and lack of education. Some have been victimized by abuse and child labor. Some have no other choice but to be trapped in raging wars and calamities. As I have enjoyed my childhood, some have been robbed of theirs. As some kids take pleasures from playing, others treat even the most basic necessities as luxury.

This is just a simple shoebox.

It’s wonderful how a group managed to transform this into something that would bring joy to a lot of kids. I received an email from my office mate Mei asking if I wanted to take part in giving gifts to children in Rizal. We all know that it was hardly-stricken by Typhoon Ondoy. The request was that the shoebox must contain toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, slippers, multivitamins, milk, Milo and school supplies.

So to with these…

I hope that I would be making 5 kids happy this Christmas! ^_^

As we share, we give a piece of ourselves to other people. You’ll never know how a small deed may mean the world to somebody else.

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