Resort Review: Kabayan Beach Resort

The entire reservation process with Kabayan Beach Resort was seamless. We just called them to ask if there were still rooms available for an overnight stay for 4 persons. We were planning to reserve Bahay Mustasa. But at that time, we still couldn’t decide whether to go to Kabayan or Sigayan. Upon making up our minds, we called them to reserve Bahay Mustasa only to find out that it was already reserved to somebody else. They initially gave us Bahay Malunggay which would be perfect for 2-4 pax but the inevitable happened. Aubrey’s friend wanted to come so we have to pay an additional Php650 for the extra person on top of the Php5000 room rate. We were hesitant because it only has one queen-sized bed. Bahay Mustasa costing Php6000 and having two double-sized beds would have been perfect for us. To make things more complicated, Aubrey's friend backed out which means that we don't have to pay for the additional person. But the following day, Aubrey informed me that she would be tagging along her sister and another friend making it impossible to fit into Bahay Malunggay. But we had no other choice. I settled the downpayment of Php2500 and sent them a copy of the deposit slip via email. I asked them to let us know if ever Bahay Mustasa frees up. Oh well, we ended up at Bahay Mustasa! They emailed us the contract and the directions on how to go to Laiya.

Assembly time was 7 a.m. at the Cubao Bus Terminal. Boyet and I met up with Aubrey and her sister at McDonald’s Taft and caught a cab to get to Cubao. The driver told us that he could drive us all the way to Laiya for Php3000. We initially declined until he lowered the price to Php2500. We gave in thinking that we had to ride a bus going to Lipa, transfer to a van and a jeepney ride to get to Laiya. But the heavy traffic was excruciatingly painful. We were in Calamba for almost three hours. We could see some restless drivers getting out of their cars to stretch and chat with other drivers. It took us six hours to get to Laiya! So we ended up giving him Php2700 for consideration.

But it was worth the wait. We were welcomed by one of their staff when we arrived at 1:30 p.m. The original check-in time was 3 p.m. but they allowed us for early check-in with no additional charge.

Kitchen and Porch

The house is divided into two: bedroom and porch/kitchen area. I loved the setting! Their kitchen is complete making it possible for us to cook anything we want. They also have a grill which Boyet used to cook barbecue and grilled hotdogs.

Enjoying Erlie's pancake while watching TV

I loved the beach. There were no big waves which makes it perfect for swimming and other water sports. It was my first time to try kayaking! They offer it for Php200 per hour.

Photo courtesy of Aubrey

The resort transforms into a serene place as lights of different colors beam everywhere.

The sights will simply leave you breathless.

And the sand is perfect for the infamous jump shots!

It pains us to go because we would have really wanted to stay for another day. My heart was craving for some peace and quite. But we all needed to go back to the rat race.

We checked-out at 2 p.m. and was about to leave when one of their staff approached us and asked if we wanted to ride with their service van. We paid Php150 for the Laiya to Ayala ride. Nice! We waited for the van giving us 3 more hours to stay by the beach.

With Erlie and Boyet while watching Sydney White and the Seven Dorks

Photos courtesy of Aubrey

Bgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Office Hours:
Weekdays: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Weekends: 8:00AM - 5:00PM (Cell phone only)

Manila: +63 (2) 709-1470
+63 (2) 709-0115
Mobile: +63 (917) 6279357 Amy
: +63 (917) 8963312 Marlon
Email :


  1. hi..i like your blog site..its very informative..i would just like to ask if you could suggest any other resorts n laiya that wont cost too much and has nice accommodation..thanks

  2. It was my first time at Laiya and Kabayan Beach Resort was one of the cheapest resort that we've bumped into. There are Sigayan, Sabangan and White Cove but I haven't been at any of these so I am not sure if the accommodation is nice.

    I'm sorry i don't think i could be of any help. :(

  3. it's ok not a problem..thanks anyway!!..continue blogging nice stuff..great job on your site!!!!

  4. Thanks! *blushing* That's so nice of you.

    I hope you leave your name the next time you visit my site. :)

  5. Blue Coral was Nice(although not sure of the price) White Cove has some nice views too..

    although je... katabi lng ng white cove ung kabayan... bakit parang ang itim ng sand nung sa kabayan... ok naman sa white cove..anyways..bka mtgal na kyo ngpnta?


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