Subic Getaway

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on February 16, 2008)

I started doing my New Year’s resolutions. I promised myself that I would start to enjoy life more, be more carefree, go out and see the world, and spend more time with my close friends. And I hit all the birds with one stone by going to Subic! It was actually my firs out-of-town overnight getaway with my friends. After weeks of preparations, we were all able to get our own R&R. My first glance at our hotel room followed by the serene view of the sea, and the fact that I am with the people I am most comfortable with, made the tedious three-hour ride to Subic worthwhile. It was my first time to see a jellyfish, and I tell you, it is far more exciting and amazing in real life compared to seeing it in National Geographic. I enjoyed taking pictures although we all have the same Korean pose popularized by Erlie! Hehe! It was the first time that I really enjoyed eating. We had barbecue, grilled hotdog, sisig and corned beef in can, chicharon, salted eggs with tomato and rice cooked in Aubrey’s rice cooker, which is the smallest I’ve seen in my life. We spent the night walking along the beach, laughing, talking about our college days and how we get pissed off at times with our respective jobs. We woke up early the other day to enjoy the sun and swim without getting sunburned hehe! We spent most of the time just laughing, making fun of ourselves, being child-like, exchanging funny stories, making never-before-seen poses in front of the camera. We just had fun! For the first time, I was away from the pollution, stress, and all the problems and responsibilities of being a grown-up. It’s not bad to escape reality once in a while. :)

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