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We’d like to share our journey with you as we enter a new phase in our lives. With God in the center of our relationship and with the help and support of all the people dear to us, we’re confident that we are going to have one amazing life together. :)

Our Story

Know how it all began. It may not be the typical love story but if given the chance to rewrite it, I would not change a thing. Nothing beats a relationship built from a strong foundation of friendship. Our story only proves that the punk can still end up with the geek! :)


The Proposal

Two rings, one promise… And yes, they were hidden in the trash.


The Date, The Church and The Venue

Deciding on the most important details of our wedding was not easy. Find out how we came up with the WHEN and the WHERE.


On Themes and Colors

collage Books, Pink and Black!

Photo Credits




Our Dream Team

Passion Cooks will be giving our guests a unique and memorable gastronomic adventure. They will also transform our venue from being a plain hall to a magical ballroom.


We entrusted Ian Santillan to capture every moment on our wedding day. Read about our (difficult) quest in choosing our photographer.

Gretchen Pichay will dress me up, from shirt and jeans to a fabulous wedding gown.

JerreltDJeA JerreltA

Inxites will cover our wedding from the preparations to the reception. And yeah, including all the crying and sneezing!

Putting a voice to describe the love we have on our wedding day is probably the easiest thing for us.

serenata Photo taken from www.serenataphil.com

Meet our emcee! :)


Our Entourage

Get to know my awesome maids of honor!


DIYs and So Much More

Message for My Parents
Father-Daughter Dance

Suppliers Review

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