Supplier Review: Gretchen Pichay

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I did not disclose the design of my wedding gown in my previous post because… ahmmm.. I just don’t want to. Haha! I don’t believe in superstitions but they say that nobody should see a bride’s wedding gown before her wedding day. And plus, I want to see Boyet’s reaction the moment he sees me for the first time as I walk down the aisle. He wasn’t even allowed to come inside my hotel room. I remember showing him Gretchen’s sketches and asked for his opinion. Instead of giving me an objective answer, he told me that I could wear anything on that day and still remain the most beautiful girl for him. Guys know what to say when they don’t have anything else to say!

I was in the US during the early stages of our wedding preparations so I was only talking to her through emails. She sent me her sketches even without the assurance that I would book her. I sent inquiries to other designers but all of them insisted that I must need to drop by their shops first. During this time, I chanced upon a negative review written by a bride who wasn’t satisfied with Gretchen's work. But since I fell in love with Gretchen’s sketches, I was already convinced that she would be the one to make my wedding gown. Then all my doubts disappeared when I met her personally because she’s really passionate about her craft. During our first fitting, I even asked her if I could bring home my mock dress because it looks better than my other real dresses. Haha! :)

Je B
So imagine my bliss the moment I saw my wedding gown for the first time. I even pointed out, which she also agreed, that I look taller in that dress. And most of all, my side bulges were concealed! :p

Gretchen is more than a supplier to us. She’s so warm and accommodating in all our meetings. I remember shooting her a lot of emails and text messages whenever I think of something that I want for my wedding gown. She makes herself available anytime for her clients’ inquiries no matter how trivial they are. During the eve of my wedding, I called her in the middle of the night telling her that I could not zip my wedding gown when I put it in the mannequin. She giggled and told me that she already gave me her smallest mannequin so the best thing I could do at that moment is to simply let it go and take the beauty rest that I need.

She injects her own opinions and still values my own. I asked her why my gown has a very short train. She told me that a long train tends to make the wearer look shorter, something that would not complement a petite bride like me. So instead of giving in to my whim, she compromised by telling me that she would just give me a longer veil to achieve the drama as I walk down the aisle. She put beads in my veil which made it really look good in our wedding pictures. It was just a little heavy so tiis ganda talaga hahaha!

When I gave her the peg of the design I initially wanted for my wedding gown, I never imagined that she would deliver something that would exceed my expectations. Being a girl who is only comfortable wearing shirts and jeans, I didn’t plan of wearing something grandiose that would obscure my personality. Luckily, Gretchen created something elegant but still leaves some room for that little awkward girl who does not have a single clue how it feels like to be glamorous. I cannot imagine wearing anything else other than a Gretchen Pichay creation. :)

264783_10150293706812053_740802052_9300688_2738706_nPhotos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

Gretchen Pichay
Rating: 5+/5

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  1. i am super inlove with your dress! Perfect! :)

  2. That last shot is beautiful! Galing nga ni Ian Santillan :) And yes, the dress is gorgeous! It looked so good on you! More wedding pics please?! ^^,


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