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I’ve been happily wearing my eyeglasses from Sunnies Specs Optical for almost two months now. Purchasing from Sunnies Specs was really not my original plan, but I’m just so glad that I accidentally passed by its Robinsons Manila branch!

I had been wearing my old eyeglasses from Sarabia Optical for close to ten years already. Grade was just 25/25. More than correcting my vision, I used it primarily to protect my eyes from excessive use of computer given the nature of my job. The Lacoste frame was still fine, but I noticed some scratches on the lenses earlier this year. I stopped wearing it because I had 20/20 vision based from my annual physical exam on April this year.

This was taken during Zayne’s first birthday party. I was wearing my old but reliable eyeglasses.

Things started getting blurry, literally, a couple of months ago. I was dizzy all the time, and I also started getting headaches more often than the usual. I suspected that it was just side effects of the meds I was taking for fertility workup. I also noticed the need for me to squint when I need to read something. Again, I suspected that it was just a side effect of the meds because that was how I also felt years ago when we were trying to conceive Zayne. I dismissed it, but things were getting worse each day. One night while I was on my way with some of my team mates for a team-building activity, I noticed that I could no longer see a person’s face even if he’s just two feet away from me. I was walking along BGC, and I realized that I could not read the names of the stores along High Street! I tried getting enough sleep for a few days just to make sure that it wasn’t just lack of sleep. But then I noticed that I was having a hard time reading the subtitles of Netflix from our 42-inch TV! I also started feeling like I was watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses!

My initial plan was just to reuse my Lacoste frame. Papa has a neighbor who works in an optical shop in Quiapo. Prices there are (way) cheaper than mall prices! I really wanted to get the transition lenses. But I didn’t have the time to go to Quiapo to have my eyes checked, so Papa just asked me to go to the mall for the checkup and then he would give my frame to his neighbor.

I went to the mall one weekend to have my eyes checked. I was already there so I asked the prices from Sarabia Optical. Ewan ko lang talaga pero kapag may anak ka na, parang lahat na lang ng hindi para sa kanya, mahal na para sa’yo! Hahaha! I wanted the lenses to protect my eyes from the computer, but I felt like the package from Sarabia Optical was too expensive for me. It was really ironic because Boyet and I had been going to Sarabia Optical for years! I then asked for the cost of the transition lenses, and if I remember it correctly, it was more or less PHP6,000. Hindi pa kasama ‘yung mga UV chenelyns for the computer. I read a lot of good reviews about Owndays Optical, but they quoted PHP10,000. Papa informed me beforehand that transition lenses from Quiapo just cost around PHP2,000. I then decided to just have my eyes checked and follow Papa’s plan. Owndays doesn’t offer eye checkup if you’re not buying from them. Sarabia Optical charges PHP500. Ewan, pero namahalan pa rin ako! HAHAHAHA! I then asked Boyet to have lunch first while I decide if I want to shell out the 500 petot. (Kakuriputan to the highest levelzzz!) That was when we passed by Sunnies Specs Optical!

Sunnies Specs Optical Robinsons Manila

Please pardon my ignorance. I remember attending a blog event and receiving sunglasses from Sunnies, but I didn’t know that they now offer prescription glasses! I just saw a woman walking while wearing those big glasses (the ones they use during eye exam) in front of Sunnies Specs, so that piqued my curiosity. I then inquired about how much an eye exam cost. The sales agent who attended us was very helpful! She told me that it’s PHP400, but just like in other optical shops, they’ll waive this if you purchase from them. I figured that since I was already there, I might as well inquire with the prices. The price for their transition lenses is a bit cheaper than Sarabia, but Ate told me that it would take 5 (or was it 7?) working days before I could claim it. I then inquired what kinds of lenses they have for people like me who spend more than eight hours in front of the computer. Again, their prices are more affordable. Ate then asked me if I spend a lot of time outside. I said no and told her that more than the sun, I need more protection from my job... I mean from my computer! :p Hahaha! She told me that they have a new product called Spectrum Duo. As shown in their FB page, Spectrum Duo “protects your eyes from sun to screen.” I was sold at the idea, and so I asked the more important question. “How much, Ate?” She said that it would be PHP3,999 including the frame!

It took me a very long time before I finally decided what frame to get. I got so used to wearing a slim frame for nearly a decade that I suddenly felt like the chic designs of Sunnies Specs don’t fit my personality. I even considered choosing from the kids section! Haha! I actually tried everything on their shelves. No kidding! Ate then showed me a frame that wasn’t on display. (I forgot why it wasn’t on their shelves.) I tried it on, and Boyet gave his seal of approval! (Receipt says it’s Elise Rose Taupe.)

Sunnies Specs Optical Elise Rose Taupe

I’m not sure with the other branches, but Sunnies Specs in Robinsons Manila has two rooms for the eye exam. The optometrist who checked my eyes was very nice and helpful! He first asked me how many hours of sleep I had the night before. I had my eyes checked countless of times since I was 11 years old, but it was the first time that I was asked about it. The optometrist told me that it’s not advisable to have an eye exam if you didn’t have enough sleep the night before. He asked for my old eyeglasses to check for its old grade. We then started with the actual eye exam. They didn’t use the traditional eye chart, but I was asked to read small letters and numbers on a screen with a black background. That was the only time that I finally accepted the fact that my eyesight is very, very, very poor! I could not distinguish the numbers 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9! I could just see figures, but I had no idea what was on the screen! The verdict: from 20/20 to 150/100 real quick! Tapos, lumala pa ‘yung astigmatism ko. Huhuhaha talaga!

The moment the optometrist put those test glasses, I felt the urge to sing, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.” Hahahahaha! But here’s the interesting part. While I was wearing the 150/100 glasses, the optometrist asked me to go out of the room and walk with the glasses on. I appreciate the fact that he didn’t rush me. He said, “Take your time, Ma’am.” I finally understood the moment I stepped out of the room. I was nauseated and felt liked I needed to throw up. I gave myself more time, but I still felt the same. The optometrist then asked me to try 100/75. He said that it would still be fine even if it isn’t the full correction.

I agreed because there was indeed a big improvement in my vision even if I was only wearing 100/75 without the nausea and lula feeling when I tried the 150/100. I guess getting the more affordable Sunnies Specs was a wise decision because I might need to do another eye exam in 6 months or 1 year.

Me awkwardly doing a selfie while awkwardly wearing my new eyeglasses :p

I really feel like I am already too old to wear this style! #TitaProblems =))

Tatay told me that when he claimed my eyeglasses the next day, Sunnies showed him how the lenses really change color after they tested them in from of him. I wasn’t really very particular with it. Between the sun and the screen, I was more exposed to the latter. I’m only out in the sun while I’m inside the car as Tatay drives me to work. But then I really felt the difference after I started wearing it. Our car’s sun visor is not big of a help especially when we go out of the house around 8 in the morning. Pandak problems, ‘yah know! :p It really helps me with the sun’s glare. No more silaw!!!

Our recent Singapore – Malaysia trip was the biggest test of my new eyeglasses. We were outside almost the entire day. I packed my sunglasses but didn’t feel the need to use it. E sobrang tirik ng araw sa SG!

Check out our Universal Studios Singapore vlog and notice how my glasses constantly changed colors in various occasions.

People then started noticing my eyeglasses. Nag-iiba daw kasi talaga ng kulay kapag natamaan ng araw/ilaw! Then, they would get surprised when I tell them that it’s from Sunnies, and that I only paid PHP3999 for it! ;-)

Sunnies Specs Optical
Robinsons Place Manila
2F Midtown Wing,
Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila


  1. My mother last availed of EO Optical and honestly, medyo namahalan ako. Inisip ko na lang, baka ganun talaga kasi her eyes underwent laser procedure na. Added to this, matanda na din siya. Been seeing Sunnies Optical, pero I never thought it as an option. My mother had another laser procedure and baka need ulit ng new prescription glasses. I'm hoping na pwede un case nya sa Sunnies. EO is great, kaso kasi, lagi din ang daming tao. With your post, parang gusto ko tuloy mag inquire.

    1. Kami naman sobrang suki na talaga ng Sarabia. Nag-inquire din ako sa EO, kaso namahalan din ako. Siguro dahil din gusto ko ng transition lenses. Buti may "hack" ang Sunnies Specs for transition. Hehe! :p


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