SG Trip Day 2 (Part 1): Universal Studios Singapore

It wasn’t Joie’s first time to travel to Singapore. On both occasions, the Universal Studios Singapore wasn’t operational yet. So a visit to USS was on top of our list and this made us really excited. I told her that she could get rid of anything on our SG itinerary except for USS.

Boyet and I woke up at 6 am, exceptionally earlier than our wake up time when we go to work in the morning. I made coffee using the complimentary drinks provided by Fragrance Hotel to jumpstart our day while hubby went down to buy cup noodles from the nearby 7-11 store.

We left the hotel a little before 8 am and walked our way to the MRT – Bugis station. We excitedly purchased our MRT cards which cost SGD2.60 (SGD1 refundable if you return the card), then another SGD3 for an all-day pass to Sentosa Express. Traveling by trains didn’t bother me at all given that Singapore’s railway system is very efficient. Sadly, our railway system definitely fails big time in comparison. Sorry, pero bulok talaga yung MRT/LRT natin! :(

USS does not open until 10 am so we killed time by roaming around.

DSC_0224Jeff and Joie

Posing in front of the USS globe entails precision and patience. If you want to capture the entire word, you need to have perfect timing in doing so. You also have to be patient since every tourist wants a spot so it’s awfully difficult to get an unobstructed view of it.

DSC_0260The "I've been to Universal Studios" shot :p

If you were to ask what my biggest contribution on our trip is, I booked our USS tickets online! Bwahaha! Promise, wala akong kwentang friend! :p

Come 10 am, everybody fervently rushed to the entrance. Not to disappoint the eager guests, two super cute mascots welcomed us.

DSC_0282Sino nga siya?

DSC_0285Jeff and Joie with Po

Holding a USS map, we were unsure where to go first. We decided to have our early lunch to fuel us up for the day’s activities. After our lunch, we headed to Far Far Away where the festive atmosphere somehow led us to a happy kingdom.

A grand castle brought out the kids in all of us as we enjoyed watching Shrek in 4D. The few minutes I spent inside the theater led me back to my childhood as I turned into a carefree spectator who laughs as if there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you bring a towel or an extra shirt. :)

After a quick stroll at Far Far Away, our feet brought us to Madagascar. Jeff and Boyet were both in the restroom when Joie and I saw a queue of people who were trying to get their pictures taken with the very adorable mascots. We were hesitant if we’d wait for the boys but Joie and I went to join the line. When we were already in front, the guide told us that they need to stop the picture-taking since they have a performance to catch. The mascots then performed I Like to Move It, the film’s signature song.

After their very enjoyable dance number, the mascots left leaving both Joie and I disappointed. Hours earlier, I was already looking for the lovable penguins to take my picture with them. By the time the mascots were leaving, Boyet and Jeff arrived. Tapos, sila pa 'yung nakapagpa-picture! :(


After our misfortune, we headed to the merry-go-round. It's a bit humiliating that aside from the parents accompanying their very small kids, the four of us were the only adults who rode the carousel.

Also part of the zone is the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure - a water ride which the kids and the kids at heart will definitely enjoy. Alex, Marty and the whole gang come to life in this ride. We shared the ride with a mother tagging along her two kids who obviously had a great time.

On our way to the next zone, we bumped into an unexpected friend.

DSC_0351with Frankenstein

After our short encounter with Frankie at the Hollywood zone, we saw another long line of people which we immediately joined. And when it was our turn, the tall men who seem to be molded from male mannequins apologized and told us that they have a performance to catch so the picture-taking was immediately stopped. Talk about bad luck!

We made a quick stop at Lights, Camera, Action which is situated in the New York zone. Inside, Steven Spielberg greeted the guests giving an overview about special effects. We were in front of the line which gave us the impression that we'd get the best view of the show. When we entered the main sound stage, I realized that it was a bad idea. Thunder, lightning, rain and fire effects awed the audience. The show ends as the boat slams, causing a huge splash of water to hit the audience especially those who are in front. Siyempre, basa kami!

Sci-Fi zone is probably the coolest for it boasts the very famous Transformers ride. All of us were so excited to try it. We were fortunate that the line was manageable when we arrived. The path to the ride itself is already an adventure. When the ride began, boys and girls kept on screaming! It was simply the coolest! After the ride, I felt invincible. It's as if I had a vital part with the Transformers' victory over the Decepticons! :p

It would be a nice idea if we have such a cool 3D ride here in the Philippines. Tapos Enteng Kabisote in 3D?! Haha!

Hubby convinced us to try the roller coaster. He failed. I know that I vowed to stick with him for better or for worse. But a roller coaster ride is an exception to the rule! Since nobody dared to try it, he courageously went all by himself. But if there's any consolation, hubby was seated along with a nice Indonesian who also went to try the ride alone. Best Wife Award goes to me! Haha!

We skipped the indoor roller coaster at the Ancient Egypt zone. We used the long line and the fact that you need to leave your valuables in a locker as excuses not to try this ride. But of course, you know the real reason.

The young guys manning the entrance of Treasure Hunter invited us to try it. After reading the overview of the ride, we decided to give it a try. But the queue was so long. We wanted to retreat but still opted to proceed.

The guests are required to ride a jeep which gives them the feeling that they are part of an expedition. Unfortunately, we weren’t happy with it. The experience didn't compensate the hassle of falling in line. It just went around the area with fake snakes and fake rats and the ride was finished in just a couple of minutes. Sorry, pero corny talaga!

The Lost World was the last zone. We first tried the aerial ride called Canopy Flyer. The words canopy and flyer scared me to death. I’m glad I tried it although I think my screams damaged my husband’s eardrums. I specifically loved, and I screamed the loudest at the part wherein the ride is giving you the feeling that you are about to fall from it.

After the Canopy Flyer, we tried the child-friendly Dino-Soarin’ ride.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a white water raft ride. We saw how guests come out of the ride all wet so it was a unanimous decision among the four of us to skip it. So instead of trying it out, we all decided to go back to the Transformers ride! Bwaha!

On our way out as we head to the next part of our itinerary, we stopped by the shops that sell candies and chocolates. My eyes sparkled and my mouth watered at the sight of all the candies and chocolates. It’s definitely a haven for those with a sweet tooth.


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  1. Cj and I went to SG last March 2010, we celebrated our 3rd year Aniv as bf/gf palang nun. kaka-open palang ng USS that time. Opening lang ang peg namin. Pero ung roller coaster lang ang di pa open that time (buti nalang talga!), isa sa mga sinusumpa kong rides ung "The Mummy", NKKKLK talaga yun di man lang nagsasabi na nakakamatay pala sa nerbyos ung ride na un. Hahaha! Di ko na inulit! Sayang di nio sinakyan ung Jurassic Rapid Chorva, masarap din dun awa ng Diyos di kami nabasa ni Cj, as in! Yung mga nasa harap namin at katabi namin basang basa. Wahaha! Ayun, napa-reminisce ako dito sa post mo. I want to go back in SG but this time kasama na si Cyler. :)


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