5 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Health

2019 is not my favorite year. If you’ve been following my blog, then you’re probably aware that I’ve been having a lot of health issues which started at the beginning of this year. I am pretty sure that just like me, you also like the idea of getting healthier, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to ditch bad habits. With the holiday season upon us, it’s all too easy to overeat, drink too much and spend too much money! Never fear, 2020 is a brand new start to supercharge your health. You don’t have to break the bank to do so, here come five easy ideas.

1 . Eat more raw foods

We all know that fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that do wonders for our bodies. Many believe that the best way to eat vegetables is raw and uncooked. The idea is that the vegetable then retains more of the nutrients and enzymes that are good for our bodies. Now you don’t have to only eat raw vegetables. It’s just about upping your intake of raw foods and seeing how amazing you feel. Eat salads more often, snack on raw carrots instead of a bag of chips and get yourself a juicer! :)

2. Start a self-care challenge

Self-care is something I totally neglected the past couple of years which led to my health issues this year. I know that a lot of mothers can relate to this, so I guess this is something that we can add to our New Year’ resolutions. Buy yourself a new journal and start yourself a 30-day self-care challenge. Each day you can challenge yourself to indulge in a new practice of self-care. These should be small acts of kindness to yourself (nothing too difficult that you won’t stick too)! For example, day one - learn three new yoga poses, day two - buy a new inspirational book, day three - switch off your phone for the whole day (bit tricky)! From long baths to writing a poem or walking in the park, it depends what self-care means to you.

3. Get more sleep

The holiday period leaves us staying up later and perhaps going out for a few more drinks. In January, give yourself the gift of sleep. We need to recharge and get enough sleep to boost our immune system, our endorphins and to feel less lethargic. With different kinds of flu going around, you don’t want to let yourself get run-down. Take yourself to bed an hour earlier than usual, and see how much more energized you start to feel. For those having trouble sleeping, try the free app ‘Sleepio’ for a 6-week program to help you sleep better.

4. Regular check-ups

New year, time to get your health check-ups booked. Book a smear test, an eye test and book to see your dentist. The dentist always seems to be the appointment that we forget to book (until our teeth start to hurt)! The problem is though; you won’t always notice signs of trouble with your teeth, so you need to keep seeing your dentist regularly even if your teeth feel fine. Get yourself some new toothpaste and remember to floss each day, too. If you’ve had any trouble with your teeth, dental implants can be a great solution to help you to feel confident again.

5. Natural products

In 2020, try replacing a few of your hair and skin-care products with all natural solutions. Sometimes our traditional conditioners and moisturizers contain chemical based ingredients that just end up drying out our skin and hair. I have actually started doing this a few months ago. I have gradually switched to natural products, and I plan to continue in 2020!

How about you, guys? What are your plans to stay healthier in 2020? :)

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