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A friend and fellow mommy blogger once asked me why I still hadn’t tried vlogging. And just like what I said in a post I shared to my Facebook page weeks ago, I can think of a thousand reasons why!

First, I no longer have the time. WTH?! I don’t have the time to read a book (something I already missed doing) or even comb my hair! Work, traffic (Oo, lakas makakain ng oras ng traffic sa Maynila, mga baksh!) and taking care of my little family have already taken a toll on my aging body. Hahaha! This blog is dying, so vlogging will definitely give this site an instant death. People don’t have the slightest idea how hard bloggers work. They think that bloggers just get free stuff showered from heaven. They don’t know how hard it is to think of content, take and edit pictures, write, proofread and do all of these things while making sure that the readers stay engaged. The sad part is, I still haven’t reached that stature. I don’t even earn from blogging. Sa dami ng kinainan kong restaurants, 99.9% doon, nagbayad ako. Hahahaha! Walang halong kaechosan, pero PASSION ko na lang talaga ang bumubuhay sa blog ko. PASSION + YOU GUYS. Kayong ten na readers ko. Hahaha!

Second, I don’t have the tools. Ubos na ang pera ko sa housing at car loans at life insurance namin ng pamilya ko. Tapos, ang lakas kumain ni Zayne so lalong nauubos ang yaman ko! HAHAHAHA!!! 

Third, I hate my speaking voice. Boses ipis! Hindi pa kayo nakakarinig ng boses ng ipis? Panoorin niyo ‘yung video sa taas! Hahahahaha!!! 

And, I’m socially awkward. Literal, guys! I talk back naman when people say HI to me, but I secretly pray, “No small talks, no small talks, no small talks, please.” Hihi! I think that is why I resorted to blogging. I needed an outlet for the things that I’m not comfortable saying out loud. Wahaha!

My two-year-old is the perfect example of the power of genetics. She can be behaved and reserved, but she can also be like her Tatay! Haha! Okay, I can be a little biased here because she’s my daughter, but her wit continues to surprise us every single day. Making the video while she was eating cereals was really her idea. And when she finally got the doctor play set that she has been praying for every night for the past few months, she insisted that we shoot an OPEN OPEN video (that is how she calls those unboxing videos). I didn’t even coach her. I guess she has been watching too many unboxing videos making it easy for her to articulate her opening spiels! Check out her first vlog here. :)

I uploaded another vlog over the weekend. I hope you all spare some time to check it out, too. Mukhang may girl crush na ang anak ko. Wahahaha! :)

Soooooo, please send her some love (alam ko naman na mas love niyo na si Zayne kesa sa akin) and hit the subscribe button on our her channel! :p

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  1. Zayne is soooooo adorable!!!!! Ang clear ng diction nya nakakatuwa!!!! Fan mo na ako, Zayne ha, nag-subscribe na ko hehehe :)


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