Restaurant Review: Oppa! Chicken at Circuit Makati

A few weeks ago, our little family had lunch at Oppa! Chicken right after hearing the Sunday mass. I’ve been seeing their branch in BGC, which is relatively just a cartwheel away from where I work, but I never really got the chance to try it. I find it really odd that it was actually our first time to see Oppa! Chicken despite our countless of visits to Circuit Makati. I guess it’s because we usually eat either in Shabu Shabu Ichiban or Nice Two Meat U. Hihi!

The ambiance in Oppa! Chicken is very welcoming. It’s well-lighted which greatly helped my chipipay camera phone take decent photos of our food. The restaurant is also spacious which makes it a great venue for large groups.

My husband said that he missed the banchan that are usually served when we go to Korean restaurants so he settled with one of the three Dosirak offerings. He had the Fried Anchovy Dosirak. Served in a quaint lunch box, it has a serving of rice, fried anchovies, shitake mushrooms, pickled radish, scrambled eggs and shredded seaweeds. I initially suggested he gets the Luncheon Meat Dosirak instead because that one has kimchi, but Boyet said that he’s really craving for some fried anchovies.

Fried Anchovy Dosirak PHP180

It would really be unfair to expect a lot from this considering that it only costs PHP180, but it was not bad at all. The pickled radish and fried anchovies were actually good. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same with the shitake mushrooms. They get saltier over time. I felt really bad because I loooooooveeee shitake mushrooms! :(

We discovered Oppa! Chicken because while my husband and I were both craving for Korean food, our two-year-old daughter Zayne specifically requested for chicken and spaghetti. Good thing Oppa! Chicken has everything we needed that day!

I honestly don’t have an idea how Koreans make their spaghetti. I even asked the server if it’s spicy. Akala ko kasi may kimchi or gochujang! Bwahahaha!

Spaghetti with Garlic Bread PHP110

Boyet and I were both surprised with the spaghetti! It tastes very Pinoy, with the perfect hint of sweetness in its sauce. This is actually a steal for PHP110! This one has the seal of approval from Zayne. :)

I was initially having second thoughts in getting their 4-in-1 Chicken Platter. Although I really wanted to try as many flavors as I could on our first visit, I have to admit that the serving of their 4-in-1 platter is too big for three people. (Yes, Zayne is already counted as an adult because of her big appetite. Haha!) My husband gave the go signal and told me, “Ayan na ang dinner natin mamaya para hindi ka na magluto!” :p

4-in-1 Chicken Platter PHP700

The platter includes Ganjang, Yangnyum, Snowing and Original flavors. Ganjang is coated with soy glaze and topped with sesame seeds. This one is a treat for those who love tangy and garlicky flavors. I liked Yangnyum because the spicy kick perfectly complements its sweetness. Snowing Cheese looked really promising but I found the cheese flavor a bit lacking. I thought nothing would go wrong with the Original flavor. It was okay, but it was too subtle for my liking. I guess I was expecting more herbs since the menu used the words “Herbed Salt & Pepper.” Hihi.

Food was actually good. Although there were some misses, these were compensated by their service. The staff members were so efficient and friendly. (This is contrary to what I read in their Zomato page. I am not sure if they have improved or we were just there at the right time. Hihi.) Plus, they have some old-fashioned games which diners can borrow. In a world where gadgets rule us, I find comfort that the games we grew up with still appeal to some people. That includes my baby daughter who borrowed almost everything. Hihi!

Oppa! Chicken
Ground Floor, Circuit Makati,
Olympia, Makati City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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  1. How much yung 4-in-1 chicken platter? Parang andami nga, ah. Lekat na traffic yan, di na makagala sa Makati at BGC. Kaya basa na lang ako ng blog mo kasi ikaw ang unofficial "mata" ko sa mga new restos dyan, hehehe. :)


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