Kolokoy Household: Episode 80

Hello, guys! How you doin’? (I said that the Joey Tribbiani way! Hahaha) I do hope you’re not as busy as I am. I already said countless of times before how I continuously struggle juggling my job in the corporate world and my job as a homemaker. I used to squeeze in blogging either while waiting for my husband to pick me up from work or during weekends. But I now work until my husband arrives in my office. On weekends, if I’m not cooking our baon for the entire week or doing household chores, my little girl won’t allow me to do anything except play with her. I guess she also feels how busy I am the past few months so she’s subtly telling me that I should get some things off my plate. I’m just glad that my ten readers still stick around and wait for a new post to be published here on my blog.

Speaking of this blog, ze BFF slash blogging coach slash web designer did some revamping on my blog. E busy rin ang loka kaya naman UNDER CONSTRUCTION pa rin ang site ko. Stay put lang muna kayo, mga beshies. Aayusin muna namin ang mga buhay namin tapos isusunod na namin ‘tong blog ko. Haha! For now, here’s a new Kolokoy Household entry!


A lot of people are surprised when they find out that my daughter is just two years old. She has a very wide vocabulary. A couple of weeks ago, her pediatrician was very surprised when he conversed with Zayne. Sabi ni Doc, “Hindi ko na itatanong kung kaya na ba niya ang three-word phrases or sentences kasi kanina pa niya ako dinadaldal e.” I felt really proud when he told us, “Ang ganyang pagpapalaki, hindi ‘yan overnight e. It takes really hard work so good job kayo ni Boyet.” Although I enjoy this phase when Zayne talks a lot, there are also days when I get “scared” with Zayne. With the rate things are going, I think I need to start saving for law school! She now knows how to get away with being scolded!

Exhibit A:

To child-proof our house, Boyet made a baby gate for our stairs. One time, Papa and Zayne were going down the stairs.

Papa: O, be careful. Hawak ka mabuti sa hagdan.
Zayne: Isasara ko lang ‘yung pinto, Papa.
Papa: Huwag na!
Zayne: Isasara ko lang ih.
Papa: Sabing huwag na e. Malalaglag ka sa kalokohan mo e.
Zayne: I-lock ko lang ‘yung pinto.
Papa: Papaluin na kita, Zayne. Isa…
Zayne: Lock ko lang, Papa!
Papa: Dalawa…
Zayne: Isasara na ni Mama ‘tong pinto e. Mama, lock mo pinto ha!!! Huwag mo kalimutan ha.

At hindi na alam ng Tatay ko ang kasunod ng DALAWA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Exhibit B:

A few weeks after, we went out of town with my parents. Zayne wanted to get out of her car seat.

Zayne: Nanay, ayaw ko dito, please.
Me: No, Anak. Hindi ba sabi ko sa’yo dapat naka-car seat ka para safe?
Zayne: Ayaw ko dito, Nanay! Tabi ako sa’yo!
Me: Zayne, magagalit na ako.

At hindi na tumuloy ang galit ko! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I’m lucky to be a part of a company that gives me enough flexibility enabling me to still be the kind of mom that I want to be for Zayne. A few weeks ago, Zayne’s yaya had a family emergency. For three weeks, I was alternately coming to the office and working from home. There was one day when my mom had to go to a medical checkup so I just decided to bring Zayne at work. Ayun, parang ayaw ko na siyang dalhin uli! HAHAHAHA!

Zayne: Nanay, I want Koko Cwanch.
After 15 minutes…
Zayne: Nanay, play ko ‘yung hiwa-hiwa ko.
After 15 minutes…
Zayne: Nanay, I want to play with Sophia.
After 15 minutes…
Zayne: Doc McStuffins naman po.
After 15 minutes…
Zayne: Nanay, I want YOYO!
Me: What?
Zayne: YOYO!
Me: What yoyo? You don’t have a yoyo!
Zayne: Meyon. Sa cellphone mo, Nanay.
Me: Anong yoyo?

Ako pa ang di maka-gets?!

Ninang Mitch: Hay, inaantok ako. Ang daming work.
Zayne: So anong gagawin mo?
After 5 minutes sa couch habang dinig ng buong team...
Zayne: Ninang Mitch, higa ka na rin! Tulog tayo! Antok ka po, di ba?



I made a vow on our wedding day that I wouldn’t get in the way of my husband’s love for sports. I didn’t realize that my daughter would be influenced by her father this early.

Boyet and I were so surprised when Zayne started asking to watch basketball. Yup, BASKETBALL! Naloka ako ng bongga! Nakiki-cheer din at ang dami niyang side comments!

Exhibit A:

Boyet: Ay, hindi ko napanood ‘to kanina!
Zayne: Weplay na ‘yan ih.
Boyet: Sino nanalo?
Zayne: ‘Yung WED!

Red nga ‘yung uniform ng winning team! Wahahahaha!!!

Exhibit B:

Boyet: Zayne, panood si Tatay ng TV ha. Game 3 na e.
Zayne: Uy, si Lebwon!
Boyet: Kilala mo si Lebron?
Zayne: ‘Yung number 30!
Boyet: Si Steph ‘yung 30!
Zayne: Ayan o, si Lebwon! Bulag ‘yang si Lebwon ih.
Me: Huh?
Zayne: Wawa siya o. Tignan mo eyes niya.
Boyet to me: Natusok yata kasi mata ni Lebron nung game 1!

Best in Sports na, Best in Current Events pa! @_@

Exhibit C:

After NBA, nanood naman sila ng tennis. Sakto paglipat ni Tatay, pinakita ‘yung tennis court.

Zayne: Wow! Ang daming tao! Tatay, ano po ‘yan?
Boyet: That’s tennis.
Zayne: Ang galing nila ‘no?
Boyet: Anak, time out ngayon. Walang naglalaro!



Zayne sometimes has the tendency to get really irritated when she can’t do something. We keep on reminding her to be patient and ask for help if she needs it. Pero siyempre, bata siya e. Ako nga hirap na hirap hanapin ang patience ko. Harharhar! So minsan, high blood talaga siya. 

Zayne’s yaya, Nanay Inday, told me that Zayne had a hard time molding her Play-Doh a few days ago.

Zayne: Wahhhhhhh!!!
Nanay Inday: Bakit?
Zayne: Ayaw ih! Grrrrr!!!
Nanay Inday: High blood ka ba?
Zayne: Hindi ako high blood. Si Zayne ako!

May point! :p

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)


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