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I first learned about Pintwora Face Painting Services while I was planning (cramming, actually) for Zayne’s first birthday party. We were so happy with how they made our daughter’s party more fun for the kids so we decided to book them again. And because I’m once again impressed with their services, I figured they deserve a separate post here in my blog. Let me just make it clear that I am in no way compensated for this review. We paid for their services on both occasions. :)

I have to admit that we only booked them the first time just for the sake of having additional “attractions” for the kids. We crammed with our DIY decorations so we didn’t really get the chance to think of souvenirs for our guests. We figured that the kids would love having a face painter. I was silently contemplating on getting them again for Zayne’s second birthday party, but we were trying to stick with our budget. It was actually my husband who voiced out his desire to book Pintwora again! Soulmates talaga kami ng mokong! :p

Pintwora face painting

I mentioned in my previous post that their rates are very competitive. Although they had a price increase when I booked them for the second time, I have to say that their rates are still very reasonable. I inquired to other face painters in 2016, and their rates were already the same as the 2017 rates of Pintwora. What’s even better about it is the fact that Pintwora sends two artists (PinTWOra nga kasi, harharhar) unlike most face painters I inquired before who only committed to sending just one. Same lang din ng number of hours! Having two artists work on kids for two hours is better than having only one work at the same time. Siyempre dun tayo sa mas sulit! I’ve seen them in action twice, and I can guarantee you that their artists are very efficient!

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Pintwora uses hypoallergenic paint. I never heard any of our guests complain about getting rashes or any kind of allergic reactions from the paint they use. To be on the safe side, I even discouraged one of our guests when I saw that her kid was trying out the face paint because I know that the kid has very sensitive skin. I checked them after the party. Waley namang naging issue.

Pintwora face painting  (5)

Pintwora face painting  (4)

Zayne’s second birthday party fell on the ASEAN weekend. Most of our guests arrived really late because we had it held at Jollibee Harbour Square (CCP). Our party was at 4PM, but the program started around 5PM. I was just so glad that Pintwora kept all the kids entertained while we were waiting for the other guests to arrive. Even the adults, including my husband, tried it out. That being said, I also noticed that Pintwora has tons of designs to choose from. I saw how the kids and even the kids-at-heart had a hard time choosing for a design. Akala mo naman permanent at life-changing ang ipapa-paint nila! Hahaha.


My best friend, Aubrey, also noted one very important thing about Pintwora – their artists are very patient with kids! Being artistic is not enough because you really need to have tons of patience when you’re around hyperactive kids. And you also need tons of patience if you’re around adults who can’t decide what kind of “tattoo” to get! Hahahaha!

The people behind Pintwora are friendly, accommodating and very professional on both occasions. During Zayne’s first birthday party, one of the artists got lost. She arrived 20 minutes after the party started. She was very apologetic and made sure that she compensated by extending 20 minutes. On Zayne’s second birthday party, they anticipated the heavy traffic and road closures. They were already at the venue even before we arrived! Hihihi.

There are tons of cute photos of the kids, but I cannot post them here because I forgot to ask permissions from their parents. Hihi. But looking at the pictures, I have to say that Pintwora made both Zayne’s parties more memorable!

Pintwora face painting  (2)

Pintwora face painting  (1)




I saw how the kids enjoyed being Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman and whoever they liked to be even for a few hours! My mommy heart was so happy because of the countless of giggles I heard from the kids as they excitedly see their faces. I can attest that even the adults felt really “cool” for sporting their “tattoos”. :)

In case you are looking for a face painting supplier, I highly recommend Pintwora Face Painting Services. You may check out their Facebook page for their rates and other inquiries. :)

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