KDrama Review: Fight for My Way

Every time I post my Korean drama reviews, most of the comments I receive are recommendations on the next drama to watch. I cannot remember how many times Fight for My Way came up to my comments section. This Korean drama has been on my radar ever since its first episode aired. I got intrigued when I saw a clip from the first episode – the one wherein the two lead characters where having lunch in a restaurant, and Ae-Ra “forced” Dong-Man to pat her head. That short scene alone made me fall in love with Fight for My Way! And that specific scene already gave me the impression that it would simply be a boy-and-girl-trying-to-get-the-hell-out-of-the-friend-zone type of drama. Deym! I was wrong!!!

Believe me, Fight for My Way is more than just a love story. The love angle between the two main characters is just like the cherry on top of a big bowl of sundae with seven different flavors of ice cream and fifteen kinds of toppings. Hahaha! Mali ako, mga teh. Akala ko simpleng feel-good love story lang. I think I was watching the third or fourth episode when I started feeling lumps in my throat, and my chest felt like it was about to explode. It made me think why I was feeling that way. And then it hit me – nakakarelate pala kasi ako! Nyemas na drama ‘to! Nagoyong ako!

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I could relate to Ae-Ra and Dong-Man because, uhmmm… you know, once upon a time, my husband and I were also trapped in the friend zone. But then again, more than their love story, I was able to relate more to the fact that the four main characters were all initially struggling to fulfill their dreams. Doon sa part na ‘yun ako tinamaan ng bongga! I like that this Korean drama was able to tackle about what a lot of people have been going through (or gone through) in realizing their dreams. Whether it’s a past mistake or the limitations life threw at you, it’s still possible to chase after your dreams.

Super relate ako with Sul Hee! My heart was crushed when she eventually revealed to Ae-Ra kung ano talaga ang gusto niya sa buhay niya. Para sa iba, ang pathetic niya, pero ayun ang gusto niya e. Actually, ayun din ang gusto ko kaya relate na relate ako! Huhuhu!

I found myself contemplating on my personal choices after I finished the last episode. I have been meaning to take baby steps in making my ultimate dream turn into reality, but my inner demons kept on dragging me and saying things like:

“Matanda ka na!”
“Hindi naman ‘yan ang course mo nung college.”
“Wala ka namang experience.”
“Gaga, ang dami mo kayang mga bayarin!”
“You’ll definitely fail!”

Fight for My Way made me realize that it’s not yet too late for me. What the heck?! It will never be too late. Kaya wait lang, ayusin ko lang muna ang buhay ko. K. Thx. Bye.

Ayyyy!!! Nag-re-review nga pala ako! HAHAHAHAHA!

I love that the story line is so rich. Parang paella, kumpleto na ng go, grow at glow food groups! I initially thought that some of the characters were merely fillers, but I was quite surprised that they actually played great parts in the lives of the main characters. My teammate, Jen, who watched the drama before I did, told me that there is a plot twist towards the end. I was able to correctly guess the plot twist, but I didn’t really feel like it spoiled the entire story. (For those who have seen the drama, Jen was referring to the landlady.) Maganda din kasi ‘yung pagkaka-unravel ng twist.

I love the four main characters! I first watched Kim Ji-Won in Descendants of the Sun, and I immediately fell in love with her. What she showcased here in Fight for My Way is entirely different from her role in DotS. I was amazed how she was able to get through those scenes wherein she was expected to be “overacting” and still got away with it. Naitawid niya ng hindi nakakabwisit! 

It was my first time to watch Park Seo-Joon. Sorry, KDrama fans, pero hindi ko siya kilala before Fight for My Way. I’m such a tita na kasi. Hihi. Sabi ko pa nung una, “Ay, hindi naman pogi! Sayang ‘yung ganda ni Kim Ji-Won.” Kaya, patawarin niyo na ako! Sorry na, please!!! Binabawi ko na! Huhuhu! Pinakitaan ako ng abs e! Bwahahaha! But seriously, I loved so many scenes that involved Park Seo-Joon. He made me giddy like a sixteen-year-old with his sweet scenes with Kim Ji-Won. He made me laugh so hard with his antics. (Tawang-tawa ako sa kanila ni Coach!) And he made me cry on those scenes with his father. Feel na feel ko siya dun. 

Although Ahn Jae-Hong and Song Ha-Yoon were just second leads, their performances made Fight for My Way more interesting. I was able to relate to the love story of Dong-Man and Ae-Ra, but I could relate more with the angle of Sul-Hee and Joo-Man. I could totally feel their struggles as a couple. Alam mo ‘yung ang tagal na ninyong mag-jowa tapos maiisip mo, “Ano na? Magpapakasal ba tayo o ano?!” I felt the pain of Joo-Man as he tried his best to give his all for their future, kaso parang feeling niya kulang pa rin. Tapos si Sul-Hee, alipin ng bills pero gustong gusto maging entrepreneur at blogger. RELATE, MGA BEKS!!! =))

The supporting cast was also amazing! One of the main antagonists, Lee Elijah, is so pretty. Nakakainis siya pero hindi ko magawang mainis kasi mas nagagandahan ako sa kanya. Nyaha! The actors who played the parents of the kids were all amazing! I specifically loved the scene when Sul-Hee’s mom saw how her daughter was being treated by her future in-laws. Astig! The actor who played Dong-Man’s coach was funny, but he was also very convincing. I desperately need someone like him to push me really hard, para matupad ko na ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay! Cheret! :p

I appreciate the fact that there were no dull moments in Fight for My Way. I feel like the writers successfully weaved all the characters and their side stories into one beautiful plot. I didn’t feel like any of the scenes were only fillers. Lahat may silbi sa overall kwento. I also liked that Fight for My Way was able to teach me, as a viewer, that there are a gazillion ways to realize my dreams. Just like what happened to Ae-Ra, it taught me that the realization of my dreams may not come in the exact package that I hoped it to be… it can even be better.

O ‘di ba? Na-overanalyze ko yata ‘yung drama! HAHAHA! But seriously, Fight for My Way is one of the best and most enjoyable Korean drama that I’ve ever watched! :)

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