Kolokoy Household: Episode 76

Happy Monday, guys! I hope you are all doing well. I was planning to spend a few hours to blog over the weekend, but there is a “virus” going around the house. It also didn’t help that a couple of my office mates are also coughing non-stop. I’m just glad that our family is getting tons of help from my stash of essential oils! I seriously hope that Zayne won’t catch the bug. Anyway, I don’t think I will be able to catch up on my piling backlogs soon, so let’s just have a Kolokoy Household post instead, shall we? =)


I have been feeling a bit sentimental the past few weeks. There are a lot of things going on inside my head. I feel like I’m lacking as a mother as I spend less and less time with Zayne because of my demanding job. There are days when I look at her, and I’m constantly being reminded that her childhood is fleeting. I can’t believe that she’s just a month away from turning two years old. But then my little darling has her ways of telling me that she’s okay despite my “absence”. Her kindness and compassion along with her wit and sense of humor are giving me the assurance that I’m not a bad mother after all. Hihi. And yeah, her sense of humor is something that has been keeping our household livelier! Pansin niyo ba na “suki” na siya ng mga Kolokoy Household posts ko lately?

kolokoy household ep 76

One of the very first “tricks” that Zayne learned was saying BYE while waving her hand. Now, every time she goes out for her morning walk with her yaya, Nanay Inday, she makes sure to catch our attention while my husband and I are having breakfast by shouting, “Bye, Nanay. Bye, Tatay.” But one morning, we saw that she just waved her hand.

Zayne (waves her hand):
Nanay Inday: Ay, walang tunog?
Zayne (waves her hand):
Nanay Inday: Lagyan mo ng tunog.
Zayne (waves her hand): TUNOG!!!

Ay, pilosopong tunay!


Zayne’s pediatrician always tells us that she’s advanced for her age. He was surprised when he heard Zayne already talking in phrases when she was just around 1 ½ years old. According to him, toddlers, by the age of two, can normally say two words at a time. E si Zayne daw, super daldal na. But there’s one thing that Zayne is still struggling at this point – potty training! She can already say poopoo and wiwi, but there are times that she still refuses to sit on her potty. I read that it only means that my daughter is not yet ready. Based from my online research, letting kids get exposed in materials that show potty training like books and videos will be of great help.

A couple of weeks ago, I told Mama to look for YouTube videos about potty training. When I went home that day, I asked Zayne if she was able to watch kids pooping on the potty. She said, “No.” I checked the history of YouTube and realized why!

kolokoy household ep 76 (1)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Panalo si mader! Pero infernez, Zayne now sits on the pAtty!!! :p


One morning as we were preparing to go to work, my husband realized that his belt was missing.

Tatay: Nasaan ‘yung belt ko?
Nanay: Dito, nakasabit.
Tatay: Hindi ‘yan, ‘yung isa.
Nanay: Ay naku! Baka naiwan mo na naman dun sa babae mo!
Tatay: Shet! Baka nga!
Tatay: Hinihingi nya kasing souvenir ‘yung brief ko. Sabi ko belt na lang kasi pito lang briefs ko e!

He found his belt after a few minutes.

Tatay (while holding his belt): Shet! Brief ko nga ang nakuha niya!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Bale anim na lang ang briefs niya. :p


Boyet once asked me what’s binat in English.

Tatay: Nay, tinanong ako ng officemate ko kung ano daw sa English ‘yung binat.
Nanay: Hmmm. Hindi ako sure e. Pero feeling ko RELAPSE. Parang ayun ‘yung closest translation.
Tatay: Ah, relapse pala. Sinagot ko kasi RE-FEVER e!


Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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