Looking for Kid-Friendly Parks in Metro Manila

When I went to Minneapolis in 2010, I could not help but compare it with the city I grew up with. During my three-month stay, I went to different parks and only visited one mall. Here in the Philippines, malls continuously sprout like mushrooms. In Manila alone, I can think of three giant malls that are just a few kilometers away from where I live. I know that these big corporations provide employment, and I won’t argue with that. I just wish that our local governments will continue to invest in putting up more parks and maintaining the existing ones for more families to enjoy.

My mommy friend, Dianne, has been recently posting her family’s weekly trips to different parks. She brings her baby daughter who happens to be just a few weeks younger than Zayne. I am very eager to follow her lead because I believe that such activities are good for my child’s development. We once brought Zayne to a farm, and she was more than ecstatic to run freely in the grass. She also kept on pointing at the trees while saying, “Twees! Gween!” I guess a weekly walk in the park is a very good alternative since I don’t allow my toddler to play gadgets.

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Going to parks is also a good family activity for us because my husband is currently trying to control his cholesterol level. I think the best exercise is to chase a hyperactive toddler running around a busy park! Hahaha!

We brought Zayne to a park near my office a couple of months ago, and she had fun running around with other kids and saying HI to the dogs. Hihi! We were supposed to continue our park visits a few weeks ago, but I had to work overtime for two consecutive weekends. My husband and I are both eager to start with this new activity so I am crossing my fingers that our schedules will soon permit it.

Since I already mentioned that I have a hyperactive toddler, her safety is still my number one priority. I’m glad that the parks near us are child-friendly. However, my country still has a long way to go when it comes to providing easier access for PWDs. I guess our local governments and private corporations that run public parks can do something about it. An alternative surface that keeps wheelchair ramps safe after heavy rains is a nice touch to our local parks. I guess such addition will also keep the park a safer place for kids.

Anyway, I’ve already started thinking of fun activities we can do at the park. I want Zayne to try kite-flying in Luneta Park. I’m pretty sure that Zayne will also enjoy dancing along with the senior citizens having free zumba classes in almost every park here in the Metro. Zayne also loves to picnic pretend play so I’m absolutely sure that she will love having a real picnic at the park!

I’m really eager to start this new habit. If you have any suggestions of child-friendly parks and fun activities we can do, please leave a comment so I can add them on my list. :)

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