KDrama Review: My Secret Romance

I remember watching a clip of the first episode of My Secret Romance a few months ago. That day, I added this KDrama on my must-watch list. With that 30-second clip, I arrived with a conclusion that My Secret Romance would appeal to the hearts of all KDrama lovers. But much to my surprise, I read quite a number of negative reviews online. After watching it, I think I finally understood those who didn’t like it.

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They say that the story line is too shallow. In my opinion, it actually is. The plot somehow reminds me of one of the movies of John Lloyd Cruz. I won’t tell what it is just in case I have readers here who still haven’t watched this KDrama. Having said that, I think it’s suffice to say that My Secret Romance is a big cliché. But if you were to ask me if I liked it, I actually did. Had I watched My Secret Romance right after Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, I would have probably hated it, too. But I’m just glad that this drama welcomed me back after my Korean drama detox which I took right after I finished watching the bloody, heavy and emotionally-exhausting Korean drama, Scarlet Heart! It was perfect to help my mind and heart to reset after all the kinds of pain that Scarlet Heart gave me! Hahahahahaha!!!

I initially didn’t like the lead actor, Sung Hoon. Parang nagtatalo kasi sa utak ko kung pogi ba siya o hindi. E kaso, nagpakita ng abs si Kuya!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But seriously, Sung Hoon may not fit into MY mold of a handsome Korean actor, but he has definitely compensated it with his sex appeal and cute antics! (Emphasis on MY ha, kasi kanya kanya naman talaga tayong basehan ng pogi. Si Lee Jong-Suk, Song Joong-Ki at Kang Ha-Neul kasi ang MOLD ko. Hahahaha!) Anyway, I think that the top reason I liked My Secret Romance is because of Sung Hoon. He was so believable in portraying a rich but heartbroken workaholic CEO. I believe he was successful with his transition from a spoiled brat playboy to a lovesick knight in shining armor.

When my fellow mga-nilamon-na-ng-sistema officemates and I were talking about My Secret Romance, we were unanimous in saying that it was very evident that Song Ji-Eun is still a relatively new actress. One of my teammates said, “Parang nakulangan ako sa kanya.” It’s not that Song Ji-Eun is horrible in this drama. She’s actually good for a newcomer. Konting workshop pa siguro. =)

The supporting cast gave me a good laugh. Another thing I liked about the supporting cast is the fact that I could not hate the antagonists. It was not because they weren’t successful in playing their parts. I guess it might be the intention of the creators/writers not to create a character that the viewers are supposed to hate. It was probably because My Secret Romance is really just meant to be light. Towards the end of the story, I even learned to like the main antagonist. Actually, sa umpisa pa lang, mej nakakaawa na siyang kontrabida. Hihihi!

Although very trivial, there are three factors which made me like My Secret Romance. First is the food! I love seeing all those cute lunch boxes prepared by the female protagonist who happens to be a dietician. Second is the comic strips shown at the beginning of every episode! Super cute! Lastly, I found the addition of epilogues very entertaining. There are clips at the end of every episode. It can be an explanation behind a specific scene or the exact same scene but delivered using the other person’s vantage point.

There was just one thing that I didn’t like with My Secret Romance. This Korean drama has 13 episodes. I was actually surprised because I was so used to watching 16-20 episodes. But I honestly believe that My Secret Romance would have survived with just 12 episodes! There were just too many unnecessary flashbacks which made me feel like these were just fillers. Pwede na makabuo ng isang buong episode ‘yung mga flashbacks! Hahahaha!

You don’t need to use your brain cells to understand the plot of My Secret Romance. I read an online review saying that she could not understand the logic behind the decisions of some of the characters. Ayun, huwag tularan si Ate! Hindi naman kailangan mag-overanalyze sa lahat ng bagay! Hahaha!

Once again, the storyline is so light which is probably why some people didn’t like it. But in case you are on the lookout of something to watch after a tiring and stressful work day, My Secret Romance is probably something that can help you unwind. I was actually surprised that I found myself smiling and feeling flustered most of the time despite my first impressions of the lead characters.

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