Zayne's First Trip to the Beach

Summer came earlier for The Kolokoys! We went to Camayan Beach Resort in Subic around the second week of February to celebrate Skye’s third birthday. I know that it was supposed to be Skye’s “moment”, but my mommy heart was just as excited for Zayne because it was her first time to go on a beach trip! Hihi!

Zayne's First Trip to the Beach (9)

Zayne's First Trip to the Beach (6)
Hindi siya masyadong prepared! :p

I was confident that Zayne would love the sea, but I was worried that she would be too scared to play on the sand. I knew because I’ve seen countless of kids cry the moment they stepped on the sand. She didn’t make a scene, but we all heard her say, “Ewwww” the moment we put her down! I’m not kidding! She really said EWWWWW!!! Hahahaha!

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Zayne's First Trip to the Beach (3)

Zayne's First Trip to the Beach (2)
Ewwwwww again!!!

Zayne's First Trip to the Beach (10)
Okay, I will just do a fashion blogger pose! :p

Her disgust with the sand only lasted for a few seconds. She relaxed after I gave her the assurance that the sand would not swallow her alive! I just could not give the same assurance to Moana! Hahaha!


Zayne initially hated the sand, but she fell in love with the water right away! Zayne was just 15 months old during this trip that’s why all of us were so amazed with her strong sense of balance. I often wonder what kind of Calcium is found in my breast milk! Hihi!!!

Bathing Zayne has never been a problem. As a matter of fact, taking her out of the water is the hardest part of her bath time. And after we took her to the beach, she started doing her MIMING (swimming) antics every time she takes a bath! (Na-stress lang ako kasi nag-a-attempt na ring sumisid ang loka!!!) I guess we need to take her back to the beach really soon!

My husband and I vowed to take Zayne on trips whether it’s just an overnight staycation or a simple trip to the beach. We know that going on a trip is a very good opportunity for Zayne to learn new things. We remember how Zayne started saying a lot of new words after our anniversary staycation. And when we went home from our Bacolod trip, Zayne transformed into an entirely different human being! We found out that she could already safely go down the bed all by herself when we saw her do it in our hotel bed. Her vocabulary also increased big time! Hihi!

This trip was also a nice way for Zayne to bond with her Ate Skye and her Ninongs and Ninangs! It looks like we’re already stuck with each other forever so she needs to learn to live with our group’s craziness! Haha!

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