KDrama Review: Goblin

Goblin was highly-recommended by my friend, Mitch, who also happens to be a Korean in her past life! Hahaha! I took more than a week of rest from watching Korean dramas after I was done with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. I wanted all the kilig feelings to die down first before jumping into another KDrama. I needed to have a “system refresh” because WFKBJ turned my heart upside down! Hihihi!

Anyway, the first episode of Goblin got me really intrigued. I initially thought that it was just another story with reincarnation as the main plot. (You can’t blame me since I recently watched The Legend of the Blue Sea). But I was wrong! The plot of Goblin is so thick that it actually forced my brain cells to do some functioning! Hahaha!

The plot itself is very interesting. I have to say, though, that the story will probably not appeal to everybody. I know someone who stopped watching it after the first few episodes. If you’re into hardcore Korean dramas that offer nothing but romance, Goblin is probably not for you. There’s a bit of “darkness” in Goblin. Watching it sometimes gave me a heavy heart, but I still ended up wanting to watch it until the end. The story is quite strange, but it’s strangely captivating.

I believe death is still a taboo topic, but Goblin dealt it seamlessly, fearlessly and with so much normalcy. In the Philippines, people do “knock on wood” when death comes up in a conversation. In Goblin, talking about death was so trivial, almost parang wala lang. I know it sounds quite controversial. If your faith or belief can easily be shaken, then skip this Korean drama. But I strongly believe that the kind of approach of the writers will probably make the viewers ask the right questions. The writers made the characters discuss death like it’s nothing, but that kind of approach will make the viewers look at life from another angle. The way Goblin speaks about death will make the viewers realize that life is indeed so fragile.


The use of characters like an immortal goblin, a grim reaper, reincarnated people and gods that dwell with mortals made Goblin so gripping. I found myself asking what side the characters are in. (If you’ve already seen this, did you also ask yourself whether the old lady is good or bad? I did! Hihihi!) The interaction of these characters is so unconventional, but the writers made it look so normal. Can you imagine an immortal goblin and a grim reaper living in one roof? They are supposed to be mortal enemies, but they are such #BromanceGoals! Hahaha! Seeing them together actually gave me nonstop laughter!

Seeing Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook together is a breath of fresh air! I vividly remember them from Coffee Prince and My Girl. (Panahon ko kasi ‘yan, mga beshhh! Hahahaha!) Gong Yoo was so effective in playing an immortal but sad goblin. His sadness effortlessly comes out of his eyes. But these same eyes also made me as a viewer hopeful, happy and kilig at times! Lee Dong-Wook also did well playing a grim reaper! Ang dami kong tawa sa pagka-engot niya at times! Buti na lang pogi siya! Hahahaha! One moment he’s a clueless and love-stricken grim reaper, and then he turns into an entirely different character from someone’s past life! Kim Go-Eun, who plays the lead female character, is so refreshing to watch. Sabi ko nung una hindi siya pretty, pero gandang-ganda na ako sa kanya after 2-3 episodes! Hihi. The supporting cast is also great. Walang character na basta isiningit lang.

The cinematography of Goblin is also impeccable! Watching the beautiful scenery definitely added to the appeal of Goblin. The soundtrack was also great. It felt so good listening to the songs even if I didn’t understand a single thing! Hahaha!



The story of Goblin may be quite disturbing for others. So again, I don’t think everybody will appreciate it. Watching it was like a roller coaster ride! I was rolling on the bed smiling, and before I knew it, I already found myself on the verge of crying. The ending is… uhmmm… I don’t know how to explain it! I somehow expected it, but I seriously hoped it ended differently. It was as if the ending left a void in my heart! Hihihi!

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