Imay's Bar & Restaurant in Bacolod

Our group decided to have lunch at Imay’s Bar & Restaurant a couple of hours after we had breakfast at El Ideal Bakery. We didn’t come up with this trip’s official hashtag #JAJEBusogLusogSaBacolod for nothing! We really came to Bacolod to have one helluva food trip!

Anyway, Imay’s Bar & Restaurant came up when we searched for recommended restaurants to visit in Bacolod. Most of our friends from Bacolod also suggested that we pay this a visit. One of my teammates told me that Imay’s is their family’s default restaurant to celebrate important milestones like his graduation. Hihi. Looking at how big the place is, Imay’s Bar & Restaurant is undeniably perfect for family gatherings.

Imay’s Bar & Restaurant has a very extensive menu! It took us a while to choose what to have for lunch because they do offer a lot of choices! The menu board handed to us has a long list of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes! Their meat dishes are not limited to pork, beef and chicken! I remember seeing kalderetang kambing in their menu! Para silang SM! We’ve got it all for you! Hahahaha! :p

Imay's Bar & Restaurant Bacolod (5)
Calamares PHP110

We jumpstarted our meal with two servings of calamares. We were supposed to wait for the rice, but we ended up munching the calamares as soon as it was served. I don’t know why we were so excited to start eating given that we had a filling breakfast at El Ideal Bakery! Haha!

The calamares is delicious. I appreciated the fact that the squid is not chewy. Kainis ‘yung ibang calamares na akala mo gawa sa goma! Harharhar!

We also got the Ensaladang Mangga which is also another item from their long list of appetizers. I love, love, love their ensalada! I loved that the mango is not too sour. Its acidity perfectly complemented the pungent yet sweet taste of the white onions and the saltiness of the bagoong and salted egg! The calamares and ensalada perfectly prepared our palates for a delightful feast!

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Ensaladang Mangga PHP110

Somebody from the group requested for kare-kare. I’m quite particular with this dish because my mother cooks kare-kare really well. Judging by the consistency of the kare-kare from Imay’s, I already had the impression that it’s delicious. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to prove it. Zayne started to cry, and by the time she was done, the kare-kare was almost gone. So siguro masarap siya kasi nalimutan ako ng mga friends ko. In fairness, natikman ko ‘yung mga gulay gulay! Hahahahaha! :p

Imay's Bar & Restaurant Bacolod (3)
Kare-Kare PHP280

Cansi was my husband’s request. He was craving for bulalo so that was the first thing that he looked for in the menu. What sets cansi/kansi apart from the bulalo from Tagaytay that we usually have is its hint of tartness. It’s like a traditional bulalo married a sinigang. Nevertheless, the cansi from Imay’s was enough to satisfy my husband’s cravings.

Imay's Bar & Restaurant Bacolod (2)
Cansi PHP250

It’s also important to note that their serving is huge! Ang daming laman! I don’t know why a lot of people are too lazy to scoop out the bone marrow. And I also don’t know why I am always that person in the group who gladly eats (and slurps) it! Hahaha!

We had two toddlers in tow so we decided to get an order of chopsuey. I wasn’t really expecting much from the chopsuey, but it was surprisingly tasty!

Imay's Bar & Restaurant Bacolod (6)
Chopsuey PHP180

Imay’s Bar & Restaurant serves really good food. There’s no doubt to that. Our lunch at Imay’s is so memorable because we kept on blurting out a lot of “Ang sarap neto” while we were eating. We said it when we tasted the calamares. We also said it while we were eating the ensaladang mangga. We said it each time a food is served to us. But when the Mixed Seafood was served… Wala na! Uwian na! May nanalo na!!! Hashtag ginalingan! Ganung levelz! Hahahahaha!

It’s simply mouth-watering! I also loved the fact that the different kinds of seafood were cooked to perfection. The squid still had a bit of crunch. The shrimp is not soggy. And the sauce! The sauce just sealed the deal! Basta, masarap siya! I don’t need to use highfalutin words to describe this dish. It’s simply DELICIOUS!!!

Imay's Bar & Restaurant Bacolod (1)
Mixed Seafood PHP230

I read some negative reviews online saying that the service at Imay’s is horrible. I can’t comment on that since there were only very few diners during our visit. I guess it was because we came on a Friday afternoon. If I may just nitpick, allow me to point out that their restroom needs improvement. I used it as soon as we arrived. Wala silang flush! 

Their restroom definitely needs improvement. Service was okay. But their food is absolutely delicious! I grew up in Manila so I have to say that their food is also ridiculously affordable! Look at the prices of the food we ate that day! Everything is below 300! Heller! Walang higanteng bulalo na below 300 sa Manila. At kung may mixed seafood man na 230 petot sa Manila, malnourished hipon malamang ang ginamit! :p

Imay’s Bar & Restaurant
6th St., Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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