Manokan Country in Bacolod

We had our first dinner in Bacolod at Manokan Country. It was my only request to Joie, who was basically in-charge of preparing our itinerary. I wanted to go to Bacolod just to taste their chicken inasal! IKR?! Hahahaha!

My husband went to Bacolod years ago for a business trip. Every time we eat chicken inasal in Manila, he always ends up comparing it to the inasal from Bacolod.

Because we were all first-timers, Boyet gave us some reminders:

Halos lahat nagkakamay, bawal ang kubyertos dun. (Hindi naman bawal. Pero kelangan mong humingi. Hahaha!)
Walang aircon dun, bawal ang maselan.
At higit sa lahat…
Masarap kumain dun, kaya BAWAL ANG DIET!!!

manokan country bacolod (5)

I initially got overwhelmed after seeing a long strip of stalls that sell inasal. We were so lucky that Joie came prepared because she already figured out where we would go. According to her, Nena’s Beth is a popular choice in the online community.

manokan country bacolod (1)

manokan country bacolod (6)

All of us got chicken wings. Each stick costs PHP80! I loved the smoky flavor of the chicken. I was just a bit disappointed that the chicken was quite dry. Masarap pero hindi juicy. My husband also said that it was not the kind of chicken inasal that he tried in the past. Buti na lang ang sarap ng sawsawan nila!

manokan country bacolod (3)

I was starting to lose hope that my expectation of Manokan Country would not be met. Fortunately, somebody from our group saw the isaw from their shelf. Aubrey got too excited and ordered ten sticks of isaw. Each stick costs PHP15. I ended up eating two sticks! It was perfect with the spicy vinegar! Ang sarap, mga teh!!! Lakompake na nagkamay ako habang kumakain ng isaw! :p

manokan country bacolod (2)

The isaw redeemed the disappointing chicken inasal. I was already at peace with that. Pero parang HOME TV SHOPPING! Wait, there’s more!

One of the servers offered us to try their talaba (oysters). Each plate costs PHP50. We got two plates! These people are really good with suggestive selling! Hahaha!

manokan country bacolod (4)

Oysters with spicy vinegar is heaven! The silky texture of the oysters tickled my palates. Plus, the oysters were really big! I think I ate the most number of oysters! I only realized that I would have risked ruining our vacation had I gotten some sort of a stomach flu because of eating too many oysters. Buti na lang matibay ang sikmura ko! Hihihi!

I wasn’t lying or exaggerating when I said that it was the best dinner of my life! Hahaha! And do you want to know the best part of our dinner? It only cost us PHP1,005 for 7 sticks of chicken, 10 sticks of isaw, 2 plates of oysters, 7 cups of rice and 2L of soda! Saan aabot ang 1K mo?! :p

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When I came back to Manila, one of my teammates who is from Bacolod asked me where we ate at Manokan Country. When I told him that we chose Nena’s Beth, he told me that it’s just so-so. May mas masarap pa daw sa Nena’s Beth. Anak ng talaba! Kailangan ko yatang bumalik sa Bacolod!!! :p

Manokan Country
Rizal St. cor. Ferrero St.,
Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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