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* This post is sponsored by Divatress, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

I spend some days dreaming of doing a drastic change to my hair. I’m pretty sure that a lot of women also do, too. I miss having long hair. But because I’m a busy working mother, I have no choice but to keep it short. I only have a few minutes to dry my hair when I take a shower at night because my toddler cannot sleep without me by her side. It’s also a usual sight at home for me to run around the house with dripping hair as I rush to work every morning.

On some days, I also daydream of having a thick, curly, black hair. But I know that it’s nearly impossible because I don’t have the time to maintain it. I’ll probably just end having big, monstrous and frizzy hair! When I feel a little adventurous, I also think of just going to the salon to have my hair colored. I want to experience having red, pink, violet or green hair! And then I go back to my senses and realize that I am not equipped with the confidence to pull off a neon-colored hair!

I know that a lot of girls can be fickle-minded at times. So imagine when you feel like wanting to have those big curls one day, and then you wake up the next day wanting to have a bob shouting with redness. I imagine the damage it can do to your hair and to your pockets!

So just in case you’re like me who wants to try out varying hairstyles but you’re too scared to make the commitment, I guess wigs can help turn our dreams into a reality. Haha! Here in the Philippines, wigs can usually be bought in some stores in Divisoria. But in case you’re not up to brave the horrible traffic and excruciating summer heat, you can check out some online stores like You can check out wigs of different length and style from Freetress.

Take a look at some of the images I grabbed from their website.

freetress wig

freetress wig2

freetress wig3

freetress wig4

It’s so nice that a specific wig can be so versatile because you can play around the style and color. I actually had fun browsing the various hairstyles! It’s so cool to look at the different styles and colors available and imagine how you look like with the wigs on. :)

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