Activity for Toddlers: Playing with a Coin Bank

My husband and I decided not to splurge on toys for Zayne. Our Little Kolokoy managed to play with a single toy for a very long time. For almost a year, she only played with Sophie the Giraffe which also happens to be a teether. Without toys, Zayne found delight in playing the most random of things like a bag’s zipper or a piece of tissue paper.

I have nothing against parents who let their kids use gadgets. I let Zayne watch TV and some YouTube videos, but I still try to find balance in exposing my daughter to both traditional and modern ways of learning. That is why when Zayne turned one year old, I decided to research on some activities that would help her develop her motor skills. My husband and I made a conscious effort to do DIY activities for Zayne.

I’m a self-confessed Pinterest addict. My life has been saved countless of times by Pinterest. I got most of the DIY ideas for Zayne’s first birthday party from Pinterest. Pinterest is also my go-to site as I search for more activities to keep my toddler busy.

Last Christmas, I got a cute coin bank from Kris Kringle. Zayne did not let it go the moment she saw it. I would have wanted to be DIY diva and transform an empty tub or canister into a coin bank, but that didn’t happen. Bakit ko pa papahirapan ang sarili ko dabah?!

My next problem was what to put inside the coin bank. Using real coins was instantly out of the equation. I thought of buying fake chips, but the frugal mom in me threw that idea away. Plus I was so scared that a chip might be a choking hazard! I then saw an old ecobag in the house so I cut it into heart-shaped pieces.

activities for toddlers playing with coin bank

This activity is meant to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills. The heart-shaped pieces turned out to be really thin so it became an extra challenge for Zayne! I think this activity also helped Zayne work on her focus and patience! Hahahahaha!

When Zayne finally got her groove, she actually started to enjoy the activity! Look how happy she was in this video!

I was actually very surprised that this activity made her “quiet” for more than 15 minutes! Believe me, it’s a miracle for my toddler to stay still that long!

I’ll try to post more of our fun DIY activities… when I find the time to blog more often. Hahaha! Wish me luck! :p

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