KDrama Review: W - Two Worlds

I finished watching the Korean drama W – Two Worlds a couple of weeks ago. I then decided to go on a Korean drama detox because my brain needs to be rewired! Busog na busog na ang SISTEMA kakakain sa akin! HAHAHAHA!!!

Mitch, my friend slash Korean drama advisor (HAHAHA) bugged me for months to watch W. I had to push it back because I decided to watch The Legend of the Blue Sea, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and Goblin first. But when I realized that Mitch was on the verge of unfriending me, I decided to watch W right away! And, oh boy! I was so glad that I did!


W was included in Mitch’s radar because she likes the lead actor, Lee Jong-Suk. I also happen to grow a certain degree of fondness for him after I watched him in I Hear Your Voice.

I watched W just a week after I watched Goblin. Although Goblin made me severely depressed, I still think that it is one of the best Korean dramas. (ANG ARTE KO! HAHAHAHA!) Given that Goblin was a tough act to follow, I was already expecting to be disappointed with W. It also didn’t help that when I asked Jen, my teammate and another KDrama addict, if she liked W, she only answered, “Hmmm, ok lang!” I wasn’t really expecting to be blown away by W, but I ended up getting hooked with its plot! Mitch was right when she told me that my brain cells need to work overtime while watching W!

The VERY complex plot of W is its strongest point because it kept me wanting for more. I found myself looking for answers while I was watching it. I liked that it made me think really hard! For the first time in years, I found myself not knowing what would happen next! But in my opinion, its plot is also its Achilles’ heel. The plot may be TOO COMPLEX for other viewers. If you’re used to watching the usual Korean dramas that revolve around romance and destiny, I’m pretty sure that you won’t like W. But if you like comics, suspense or both, then this one is for you! I actually asked 2 girls, and both of them didn’t like W. But 2 guys overheard us, and they both said that they liked W! Ayun, lalaki siguro ako, ‘no?! Hahahahaha!

The storyline is also quite dark compared with the other Korean dramas that I’ve watched. People are actually getting killed in W. If you plan on watching this, then be prepared to see people getting shot here and there. I guess this is why the 2 guys I talked to liked it! Hahaha! There were also a few times that I found myself scratching my head because the story was getting quite confusing. I literally had to pause, think and analyze what was happening. So ayun, bawal ang slow kapag nanonood neto!

Lee Jong-Suk did an awesome job playing the protagonist, Kang Chul. His physique is perfect to play the part of the strong man who leads a company and uses his influence to get what he wants. At the same time, the innate innocence in his eyes made him so convincing to play the part of a helpless orphan. His love interest, Han Hyo-Joo, reminded me so much of the Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo. I’m not so sure but she also reminds me of lifestyle blogger Divine Lee and Filipino actress Cristine Reyes. Hihihi!

The supporting cast was also good. But for me, two actors actually stood out. First is Kim Eui-Sung, who played Oh Sung-Moo. He did an amazing job playing the creator of the comic book and doting yet distant father of the heroine and later on transitioning into an entirely different character. Na-stress ako ng bongga sa kanya! The other one is Park Won-Sang who played Han Chul-Ho. He is the antagonist who made Kang Chul’s life miserable! He was very effective in playing the role of an ambitious and corrupt official. Lakas maka Eddie Garcia! Hahahaha!

W may be a bit dark, but there were also some light moments. The kilig scenes may not be overflowing, but they were enough to balance out all the stressful scenes! The ending actually made me think twice. Some may see it as a happy ending, but it wasn’t for me. Huhu. Ending na lang, pinag-analyze pa ako ng W!!!

Again, if you’re looking for a light Korean drama to make you feel all giddy, this is not for you. The complex and dark plot is not for everybody. It’s very different from the usual Korean drama, but I actually liked it. I liked how it burdened my mind and made my heart restless! Hahahaha! :p

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