How Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Saved My Marriage



Pero totoo naman.

Slight. :p

I first learned about Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid when I received 3 small bottles as samples from their PR team. I honestly thought that our household would be going back to our old dishwashing liquid after the 3 bottles run out. But I received another 3 small bottles when the people behind Bubble Man found my initial review funny. (Seryoso naman ako sa review ko! Hahaha!) But because we really believed in the product, our household decided to stick with Bubble Man. Last week, I received a text message from Jhen asking me if I’m still open to blog about Bubble Man. I immediately said YES to her! I told her that we’ve been using Bubble Man ever since we tried it. I also told her that her text was a day late because I just bought our Bubble Man supplies the day before. (Wala akong utang na loob, nagreklamo pa ako! Hahaha!) Anyway, she was so pleased when she found out that we are still using Bubble Man. She promised to send us two-months-worth of Bubble Man!

bubbleman dishwashing (1)
Akala ko joke. Seryoso siya! Hihi. 

I still stand by my first review of Bubble Man. But let me just reiterate it in case you missed my earlier post. It cleans well, and it leaves no residue. Because we only have a stay-out help, my husband usually washes the dishes at night while I take care of Zayne. And because Bubble Man made my husband’s life a little easier, he now has more time to watch NBA games or his favorite Spongebob Squarepants! Haha!

But seriously, Zayne started eating “real” food when she turned one year old. (Real which means not the usual boiled or steamed veggies for babies) She loves fish just like her Tatay! I can’t use our old dishwashing liquid because I really find it too strong. But I also can’t use her bottle cleaner because it’s too mild naman. I tried using her bottle cleaner for her plates and utensils, but it just didn’t work! Bubble Man simply solved our problem.

I cook all our meals. Before we had Bubble Man, my husband would complain that his lunch box tastes like dishwashing liquid. Ang lakas niyang mang-asar, tapos matampuhin ako lalo na pagdating sa pagluluto. Babanat ‘yan ng, “Nanay, ang sarap ng Adobong Sabon mo!!!” Takte, giyera kami lagi! I slaved myself to cook hearty meals only to be ruined by the dishwashing liquid residue! But again, that was before we discovered Bubble Man. Now, we only fight who gets to change Zayne’s diaper when she pooped! Hahaha! I told you Bubble Man is saving our marriage! =))

And of course, I no longer hear my husband complaining how his kutis-porselanang hands are getting all cracked and dried up! As neophyte parents who juggle family and work, my husband and I no longer have the luxury to enjoy spontaneous dates. That is why holding each other’s hands while stuck in traffic means a lot to us. When we were still using our old dishwashing liquid, my husband would always tell me that he’s a battered husband. Haha! “Nay, ang gaspang na ng kamay ko!” I could not tell him that his hands are dry because… ang kapal naman ng mukha ko. Pinaghuhugas na nga niya kami ng plato so I would just give him my fake sad face! :p But now, he only complains, “Nay, ang gaspang na ng face ko!” Okay, hindi na kami matutulungan ng Bubble Man sa problema niyang ‘yun! :p

Just to add, baka kasi sabihin niyo binobola ko kayo. Joie told me that she and her older sister also switched to Bubble Man after reading my post. The big bottle is always on a 2-for-120 promo kaya sulit na rin. We usually transfer a small amount of the dishwashing liquid diluted in water to a smaller container so the large bottle can last to close to a month in our household. I also visited my parents’ house a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see bottles of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid in their cupboard. =)

bubbleman dishwashing (2)
See? That is our cupboard. Kakabili ko lang talaga bago ako padalhan ng Bubble Man! :p

Pwede na kaming brand ambassador ng Bubble Man?! Si Boyet ang image model! Bwahahaha!!!

To know more about the product, visit their Facebook page here.

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