KDrama Review: The Legend of the Blue Sea

I promised myself to stop watching Korean dramas, but I just couldn’t do it. #TheStruggleIsReal I recently finished watching The Legend of the Blue Sea. I watched a few Korean dramas which I didn’t have the chance to blog. Some of which are My Love from the Star, Oh My Ghost and Descendants of the Sun. But I decided to sort of revive my KDrama reviews because it seems like I won’t be able to stop watching Korean dramas anyway. Plus, I think I have a very few loyal readers here in my blog who are also into Korean dramas. (Hi, Mitch and Erika! Haha!)

Anyway, I watched The Legend of the Blue Sea for three reasons:

1. It’s a story about a mermaid. (Sorry, I really have this big fascination with mermaid stories!)
2. Jun Ji-Hyun is my girl crush.
3. For crying out loud, it stars Lee Min-Ho!


But seriously, TLotBS offers something greater that its two lead actors. Yes, Lee Min-Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun are both eye candies, but I strongly believe that the plot of TLotBS is its strongest selling point. The conflicts are built really well, and the pacing is not dragging.

The story has two timelines – the present time and the 16th century. That is why the non-linear narration somehow appealed to me, and I guess it also did to a lot of viewers. I liked how the characters’ lives from the past and the present are intertwined. This gives the right amount of “thrill” to the viewers. ‘Yung tipong, “Sabi ko na nga ba may papel siya sa past e!” There were a few times when the story gets a bit predictable, but the way it was narrated still left me at the edge of my seat. It’s like knowing that your husband is throwing you a surprise birthday party, but you still get surprised because he hid an entire orchestra in your kitchen to play your favorite song. Medyo ganung level. Alam mo na mangyayari, pero wapakels ka kasi may slight gulat factor pa rin naman.

It took me quite a while to see the chemistry between the two actors. You can’t blame me because the last Korean drama I watched was Descendants of the Sun na first 30 minutes of the first episode pa lang, lupasay levelz na ako sa kilig! But I didn’t take it against TLotBS because I knew that the plot needs to thicken and certain conflicts need to be established first. Again, that’s the beauty of this Korean drama – it goes beyond the kilig. May kwento talaga!

I also got quite irritated at first with some of the characters. I felt like their characters were merely fillers in the story. But the moment that I finally had a grasp of the bigger picture, I realized that I was wrong! Maiisip mo bigla na, “Ay shet! Sa past life pa lang, epal ka na pala talaga!!!” The characters who I initially thought were nonsense addition to the story actually made the plot a little more interesting.

A few anecdotes were also included in some of the episodes. Again, these short stories look like fillers, but these actually make the viewers understand the entirety of the story even better. And it also didn’t hurt that some of these anecdotes are quite hilarious! Hihi.

The Legend of the Blue Sea gave me a well-written story injected with the perfect balance of wit, comedy and the right dose of kilig. Plus, I was so amused watching Jun Ji-Hyun. She can play the part of being dumb and immediately switch into being sophisticated in just a snap! One moment I envy her because of her perfect physique, and the next thing I know, I was already laughing really hard because of her outfits that don’t match! Grabe, benta rin sa akin ‘yung takaw niya! Hahaha!

If you still haven’t watched The Legend of the Blue Sea, go ahead and treat yourself with a well-written story, a good laugh and some kilig on the side.

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