KDrama Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

A few days after I finished watching the last episode of The Legend of the Blue Sea, I immediately jumped to my next Korean drama - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo! I really didn’t have any plans of watching it right away, but I received comments and private messages from friends who read my review of The Legend of the Blue Sea. I was actually surprised how my dear readers received the comeback of my KDrama reviews. I thought that nobody would read it, but judging by the number of page views that it got, it seems that I have quite a number of readers who are also into Korean dramas. Hihi.

Anyway, all of the messages I got were telling me to watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo next. So here is my review of it. Malakas kayo sa akin e! Hahaha!


The common thing with all the recommendations I got for WFKBJ is this – nakakakilig daw sobra! I have an office mate who is also into Korean dramas. I just finished watching The Legend of the Blue Sea when this conversation took place. True story ‘to, mga bes!

Me: Teh, napanood mo na rin ba ‘yung Weightlifting Fairy?
Officemate: Ayieeeee! Kinikilig na naman ako!
Me: Hala siya!
Officemate: Naalala ko na naman kasi!

Guys, wala naman akong sinabi. Nagtanong lang ako. Hahaha! 

A couple of days later.

Me: Ayan, nasimulan ko na. Episode 2 na ako.
Officemate: Pinaalala mo kasi sa akin. Inulit ko tuloy mula episode 10.
Me: Hahahahahahaha!

When I reached episode 10, I finally understood what she was raving about! If I can only sum up this review into one sentence, it would be: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!

Okay, fine! It’s not even a sentence. But, what the heck?! Hahaha! If you’re looking for a feel-good Korean drama to remind you of how it is to fall in love for the first time, this is definitely for you!

The story tackles about love presented in varying forms – parental love, puppy love, first love, unrequited love, love triangle and love for your friends. It is light and funny, so don’t expect the story to be mind-boggling. Even the conflicts presented were not complicated. When one of the antagonists decided to be “bad”, I was expecting that she would go really evil. But it wasn’t the case. I think the magic of WFKBJ is the fact that ordinary people can actually relate to the story, especially those who have been in the same boat as the characters. I mean, how many ex-girlfriends would go the distance of killing the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend just to get even? What are the odds, right? I’m glad that WFKBJ didn’t give me that kind of plot. Sobrang gaan ng story. High school levelz ang kilig! And the plot is very realistic.

The story will somehow transport you back to the time when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife were still in the early stages of your relationship. Bye, baby. Tulog ka na. Hindi, ikaw mauna. Ikaw muna. Ayoko, ikaw muna. Hanggang inabot na ng 4 AM pero wala pa ring natutulog sa inyo! Hahaha. You’ll remember that magical feeling you felt when you first held hands. You’ll smile when you watch how awkward you probably looked like while fighting over petty things. You’ll laugh when you realize that you were once so infatuated that you were so willing to do the craziest and most stupid things.

But just like what I mentioned earlier, the story also speaks about the other forms of love. You’ll tell yourself that you were so pathetic to stay in a one-way relationship. You’ll probably relate to how you went so low just to win back an ex-boyfriend. You’ll surely remember how fun your college life had been because of your best friends. You might shed a tear when you realize how parents are willing to give up everything just to make their child’s dreams come true.

The two lead actors were so refreshing to watch. I loved the chemistry of Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk, although it was not that evident on the first few episodes. I also find the two lead actors surprisingly charming. Hihi. I enjoyed watching the overflowing quirkiness of Lee Sung-Kyung as she plays the strong-willed Kim Bok-Joo. I really wanted to run to the nearest Korean restaurant to grab some grilled meat because of her! Hahaha! The performance of Nam Joo-Hyuk as a love-struck boyfriend is also very mesmerizing!

The supporting cast was also great. The best friends of the lead actors are so fun to watch. Hahaha! I am pretty sure that you will see your best friend in at least one of the characters. I also liked the performance of Kang Ki-Young, the actor who played the uncle of Kim Bok-Joo. He is so funny! I remember how much he made me laugh in Oh My Ghost and High School King of Savvy!

Kilig is the selling point of Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, but it also tried to offer something else to the viewers. I’ve seen shows that revolve around sports. But I think it was my first time to see one that features weightlifting. That was already enough to pique my curiosity. Apart from the overdose of kilig, I also like how the story tackled about the difficulties that young athletes face – the discipline in training, the sacrifices they had to make and even the financial struggles that their families face. The show also gave us a glimpse of how hard it is that some athletes even go through risks of developing depression, anxiety and even eating disorder.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo may be a feel-good Korean drama, but watching it surely gave my emotions a roller coaster ride.

Hay! Forget the lengthy review. Just look at these hearts: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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