Restaurant Review: Mr. Pizza at Robinsons Manila

If I’m not mistaken, the Robinsons Manila branch of Mr. Pizza started its operation a couple of years ago. I had been meaning to pay it a visit after I got to try Kyochon, which is located on the same strip of restaurants where Mr. Pizza is located. But my husband is not really a big pizza lover so we ended up going back to Kyochon, Yabu or Ramen Nagi on most of our visits to Robinsons Manila for Sunday lunch. But a few weeks ago, almost all restaurants were packed with hungry diners. Zayne was already getting restless so my husband decided that we should just go to the nearest restaurant with available seats. Ahhh, finally! :)

This place offers refreshing alternatives to the traditional pizza that we got used to. If Italy and Korea procreate, their son would be Mr. Pizza! Haha!

The first thing that caught my attention from their menu was the Bulgogi Pizza. I asked Boyet if he wanted to give it a try. He agreed right away. Zayne then started pulling my arms so my husband took charge of completing our orders. I was actually surprised that he upgraded our Bulgogi Pizza to have a “gold” crust. It costs an additional PHP100.

The funny thing was that my husband was expecting mozzarella cheese rolled into the pizza crust just like what Pizza Hut offers. But when we got to eat the crust part, there was an overflowing sweet taste that was definitely far from the taste of any kinds of cheese. I suspected it to be sweet potatoes, but Boyet still insisted that it was cheese. Haha!

Boyet: Cheese ‘to!
Me: Hindi!
Boyet: Maniwala ka cheese nga.
Me: O, pustahan tayo?

We went on until we finished our meal! It was indeed sweet potatoes as confirmed by one of the servers. Marunong pa kasi sa food blogger e! :p

mr. pizza robinsons manila (1)
Bulgogi Pizza (Regular) PHP380

My husband and I loved the pizza! I liked the smoky flavor of the bulgogi and the generous serving of the cheese. Boyet and I kept on babbling how good the pizza tastes while we were eating. But I overheard a group of diners from the adjacent table who kept on saying that the crust is too sweet. Sising-sisi sila. Sayang daw ang 100 pesos! Oh, well. Taste is subjective after all because my husband and I loved the crust! Boyet is not really the biggest fan of sweet food that’s why I was so surprised that he enjoyed the Bulgogi Pizza.

We were supposed to get rice for Zayne, but the server who attended to us said that they don’t serve rice. She asked if we were willing to have a separate bill for the rice because she needed to get it from Kyochon. I changed my mind and opted to have the Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti instead.

mr. pizza robinsons manila (2)
Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti PHP280

I started introducing pasta dishes to Zayne when she was around 14 months old. We used to bring separate food for her for more than a year. But my husband and I finally agreed to give her some “cheat days” and let her enjoy eating out with us. Judging by Zayne’s reaction, she definitely loved this cheesy spaghetti!

Simply by looking at the golden cheese toppings, I already knew right away that we were up for a treat! Basing from how it looks, I initially thought that the spaghetti would be too overpowering. Mukhang nakakaumay! But I was wrong. The spaghetti has surprisingly subtle flavors. The blend of the acidity from the meat sauce and the savory cheese was perfect.

Pizza and spaghetti go really well with chicken! Their solo basket which has three pieces of chicken costs PHP249. They also have a bigger serving for PHP399.

mr. pizza robinsons manila (3)
Chicken (3 pcs) PHP249

The chicken skin is crisped to perfection, and its meat is juicy and very tender. I actually enjoyed eating the chicken even without the help of the gravy. The fried potatoes are too salty for my liking, though.

After our lunch, I kept on telling my husband that we should have gone to Mr. Pizza the first time I asked him to give it a try. Up until today, he still raves about the Bulgogi Pizza! He insisted that he made the right choice of upgrading the crust kahit na pinilit niyang cheese ‘yung laman! Hahaha!

Mr. Pizza
Ground Floor Robinsons Place Manila,
Ermita, Manila

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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