Hotel Review: Discovery Suites (Ortigas)

I wasn’t expecting to be back in Ortigas for our planned staycation. My husband and I knew that we were still not yet ready to travel to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Aside from paying two mortgages, we were not sure if we could handle the stress of travelling with a milk monster in tow. A few days before our anniversary, we simply agreed to book a hotel so Zayne could experience having a staycation for the first time.

Staying in Discovery Suites was a last-minute decision. Our initial plan was to book an Aqua Room in Hotel H2O, thinking that Zayne would definitely enjoy looking at the fishes. But our internet connection at home was acting up. By the time I was about to book, the hotel was already fully booked. I almost panicked until I realized that one of my best friends, Joie, mentioned a nice hotel in Ortigas.

We scored a room for PHP4,000++ which already includes buffet breakfast for two. The cost is not bad at all considering that there are pricier hotels in the Metro. I wasn’t expecting much from Discovery Suites, but my first impression was immediately changed even before I made an online booking! I was looking at the different rooms when something that looks like a chat box popped up from the lower right side of my screen. I was having second thoughts on what room to book, so I decided to send a message through the chat box. Much to my surprise, I actually got a reply! We talked for a few minutes, and the Virtual Concierge was very helpful. Talk about having a good start, eh?! :)

We arrived at the hotel a little past 2PM. It was the peak of people trying to check-in, but I was surprised that we didn’t wait that long. One of the staff members immediately handed us two bottled water. I also saw a corner at the reception where iced tea is being served. We were ushered to our rom after a few minutes of signing papers and paying for the incidental deposit.

discovery suites ortigas (25)

I loved the personal touch. Although I am actually jealous that the welcome message was addressed to my husband. I booked the room so the odds are high that they’ve mistaken JERELLT as a guy’s name (as always). But still, I appreciate the thoughtfulness. Hihi!

Going on staycations for years, my husband knew that nothing should be “touched” until I’m done taking photos. But times have changed. We now have a new boss. When she says she wants to sit on the bed, she’ll sit on the bed. Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (20)

discovery suites ortigas (19)

discovery suites ortigas (18)

Now that we’re already talking about the bed. Ohemgeeeehhh, their bed! And their pillows!!! Gusto kong iuwi!!! I remember Joie kept on telling me that Discovery has the best pillows evahhhhh! She’s absolutely right! ‘Yung parang nangolekta ka ng feathers ng pakpak ng anghel tapos hinigaan mo, ganun e! Char! But seriously, their comfortable bed, fluffy pillows and nice-smelling linens are just few of the many good things that Discovery can offer.

Our room’s AC is outstanding. I’ve read some hotel reviews from bloggers complaining about the hotel’s air conditioner. I’m glad that we didn’t have an issue with Discovery’s AC. It worked hand in hand with the bed and pillows in giving our family a good night sleep!

I really love the lighting of our room. It’s not too dim and not too bright. What sets Discovery apart from the other hotels that I’ve been to is the book lamp that’s attached to both ends of the headboard. This is perfect for bookworms like me! (My husband immediately inspected the book lamps. I need not to ask him because he already knew that I was crushing over the lamps! Haha!)

discovery suites ortigas (6)

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you probably know that aside from the bed, I’m also very particular with the restroom. Hotels get plus-plus-plus points from me if their restroom has a bidet installed. Congratulations, Discovery Suites!!! And thank you for making our butts happy. Hahahaha!!!

discovery suites ortigas (36)

The bathroom is very spacious! I honestly love the design and aesthetic of their bathroom. The bathtub is separate from the shower area. And there’s a large gap from the bathtub to the toilet. The bathroom is also well-lit. The bathroom is so nice that even I won’t mind to sleep inside! Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (32)

discovery suites ortigas (30)

discovery suites ortigas (28)

The hotel also provides basic toiletries. I love their toothbrush holder, tissue holder and cotton dispenser! I think it’s such a brilliant addition because it’s functional, and it’s also a nice accent to the bathroom. The bathroom also has a hair dryer and a mirror perfect for women who do their makeup. And yes, there is another bottled water on top of the sink!

discovery suites toiletries

Placed near the window are a couch and a table. I was surprised to see some ripe mangoes and another bottled water waiting for us. Too bad I forgot to eat the mangoes.

discovery suites ortigas (16)

Our room also has a study area. Before we had Zayne, I would usually spend a couple of hours in this side of the hotel room so I could catch up on my pending blog posts. I brought my laptop with the hopes that I could squeeze in some time to blog. That didn’t happen because I was too busy chasing Zayne who got so excited crawling in the carpeted floor. (My surface cleaner came in handy, haha!)

discovery suites ortigas (14)

I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband said in jest that our TV at home is bigger than the one in our hotel room. Haha. But it’s a good thing that they have a good cable TV reception. Believe me, I’ve been to other hotels with limited channels and horrible reception. I'm glad that we didn’t have that problem in Discovery.

discovery suites ortigas (12)

The bar in our room has the usual essentials – chips, nuts and water for sale. They have an electric kettle, utensils, and complimentary coffee and tea. And oh, they provided more complimentary bottled water! More chances of winning ang peg! :p

discovery suites ortigas (26)

The room has a personal refrigerator with juices, soda and beer for sale. They even have a microwave oven.

discovery suites ortigas (9)

Our room has a large closet. It houses the safety deposit box, flat iron, ironing board, flashlight, umbrella, bath robes and slippers.

discovery suites ortigas (7)

I asked the hotel reception if they have a baby bath tub. She smiled shyly and said that they don’t have one. I guess this is something that the hotel can work on in the future. Anyway, the receptionist offered me a cot instead. I’m glad we accepted her offer even if Zayne sleeps with us. Zayne wanted to take it home! Hahahaha! Look how happy she was!

discovery suites ortigas (51)

discovery suites ortigas (50)
Zayne: What?! I cannot take this home?!

discovery suites ortigas (56)

Because our wedding anniversary also happens to be the Philippine Independence Day, we got to avail of their Independence Day promo. We were entitled to a free pizza! If I’m not mistaken, the offer is limited to bookings made directly to their website.

We were given three choices. We made ours based from the receptionist’s suggestion. Sorry, I forgot the name of the pizza. Haha. The receptionist told me that this is her personal favorite, but she warned me that I might not like it if I’m not a big fan of garlic. Well, I’m glad that I followed her suggestion! My husband and I loved it. It has mushrooms, bacon (or was it ham?) and tons of garlic. Since the garlic pieces were already caramelized, more than the pungent flavor, all we could taste was the sweetness of the garlic and a distinct kick at every bite.

discovery suites ortigas (21)

I thought the pizza was the end of it. Around dinner time, we got knock on our door, and one of the hotel’s staff members arrived with a plate of sweet treats and a cute cupcake!

discovery suites ortigas (52)

Our accommodation comes with a buffet breakfast for two. I wasn’t able to take photos of the food. We waited for Zayne to wake up so it was already past 8 AM when we went out for breakfast. The restaurant was already in full swing when we arrived. The last thing I would want to do was to get nasty stares from hotel guests who could not get food while I was busy taking photos of the buffet station. Haha!

Their food is ok. I don’t have any complains with the taste and presentation. As a matter of fact, I loved the different kinds of bread and pastries I tried. However, the hotel can definitely improve on the food choices. The buffet spread is a bit limited. It would have been nice if they serve the usual Filipino breakfast staples like tapa, tocino or dried fish. :)

After breakfast, we got the chance to check out their swimming pool. We still don’t allow Zayne to swim in public pools so we left as soon as we took some photos.

discovery suites ortigas (72)

discovery suites ortigas (75)

Zayne was not able to enjoy the pool, but she had a blast in the hotel’s kiddie/play area. We were the only ones at that time so we had the area all by ourselves. If you think I’m a praning parent, wait ‘till you see my husband! That’s why I was quite surprised when he allowed Zayne to crawl on the carpeted floor. Haha. Naniwala na yata siyang ok lang magka germs si Zayne.

discovery suites ortigas (83)

discovery suites ortigas (82)

discovery suites ortigas (78)

discovery suites ortigas (79)

Our fun was cut short because we smelled (literally and figuratively) that Zayne was up to something! This is probably why Zayne suddenly changed her mood (See photo below! Haha! :p) I was trying not to giggle while we were inside the elevator with two Korean hotel guests. Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (1)

Overall, I highly recommend Discovery Suites. They can probably improve on making their hotel more baby-friendly (I’m surprised that this is now a factor in my reviews, haha) and extend their breakfast choices. It will also be great if they do something with their parking spaces. It’s quite steep. While I was checking out, I heard another hotel guest who also gave the same comment. :)

Discovery Suites Ortigas
25 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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  1. Might try this on December :) Is this the one na walking distance lang from Megamall?


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