Zayne's Eighth Month

On July 8, our Little Kolokoy turned 8 months old. Like the previous months, we just had a simple celebration at home. We had pizza and pasta delivered for dinner. And of course, the staple in all monthly celebrations, a cake from My Sweets’ Haven, was present!


Zaynes Ninang Joie made her a banana cake with caramel frosting. Grabe!!! I know that I already sound like a broken record, but the cake was really yummy! The base cake is thick and very moist. And the caramel topping was extraordinarily delicious!!! Joie kept on blaming me for the sudden spike of inquiries for her cakes. Sorry, guys. She said that she’s too busy and that she’s currently baking cakes only out of her love for Zayne. Don’t worry. I’ll launch a campaign in so she’ll be forced to resume business soon. Hahahaha!

Zayne: Nanay, my cake looks delish!!!
Nanay: I know, right?

Zayne: Pengeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Nanay: Not until you’re two.

Zayne: Aha! Nanay is not looking!
Nanay: No! And why did you remove your headband for the nth time?! 

Zayne: @_@

Zayne wore this cute onesie from H&M. I’ve been going in and out of that store since it began its operation in the Philippines, but I always end up going home empty-handed. Thanks to my frugality! But when they went on SALE a couple of months ago, I bought some pieces for Zayne. Pero siya lang, ako waley. Kurips ako, bakit ba? Haha!

I have been doing this monthly thingy for nearly a year already, but I still get so surprised with how a baby changes drastically in a span of one month! Her biggest achievement the last month was probably being able to stand with support. But just a few days after she turned seven months old, she was already standing on her own!

She started with standing unsupported for around five seconds. But on a daily basis, Papa would time her. “O, ‘nak, 10 seconds na nakakatayo mag-isa ‘yan.” Then it progressed to 15 then 20 seconds. Hanggang sa nakatayo na siya habang nanonood ng TV at nagsawa na ang tatay ko na orasan siya! Hahahaha!

She’s also a fast crawler. But more often than not, she would rather attempt to start walking instead of crawling. She would stand up, fall and stand up again hanggang makarating siya sa paroroonan. Haha! Persistent ang lola! :p

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During one of our routine checkups with her pediatrician, the doctor was initially worried about her slow weight gain even if there was nothing wrong with her appetite. That worry was immediately put down the drain when he found out about Zayne’s milestones. He told us that Zayne should already be crawling slowly and trying to stand up with support. I said, “Doc, tumatayo na nga po ng walang hawak e.” The doctor looked at me and Boyet and said, “Mukhang mana lang talaga sa katawan niyo si Zayne.”

Zayne makes it a point to showoff during her monthly checkups! Walang mintis! The doctor told us that Zayne should be able to find things that are hidden when she’s looking. Ganun na siya a month ago pa. E ang tatay, competitive din! He covered his watch, and Zayne removed the cloth covering it. The doctor was impressed! I then told the doctor that Zayne is fascinated with watches, necklaces and bracelets.

Doc: Aba, mukhang alahera paglaki!
Boyet: Or pwede rin pong snatcher!

Antokwa! Hahahahaha!!!

During the times that she’s on “chillax” mode, she would sit quietly on her Little Tikes walker. It was given to Zayne by our Ninong Mickey. She used it for a while to practice standing up on her own. But most of the time, it served as her “throne” when she’s watching TV.


She’s getting noisier and her giggles are getting louder! Tatay and I would tell her stories like how our day at work went, and she would laugh and babble something. It’s nice to have someone in the house who can make us smile after a stressful (and sometimes crappy) day.

Zayne also learned some old-fashioned baby tricks like beautiful eyes, high five, ihip and gigil. I have to thank my parents and Zaynes nanny for these. Haha! I have a couple of other videos of her tricks, but I will file them on her ninth month milestones. For her eighth month kasi, GIGIL ang master niya! :p

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She continues to have a love-hate relationship with her headbands. There are days when she refuses to wear one, but there are days when she’s more than willing. There were times when she would grab the headband at sight and give it to whoever is with her. It’s her way of saying, “I want to be kikay today.” Minsan, mag-aalmusal o lalabas lang to get some morning sun, uma-aura pa si ateng! Hahaha!



Zayne entered the “nangingilala” stage. The doctor said that it’s okay because it only means that her vision is fine. But if she already knows you, grabe! She’s so malambing! There are days when I find myself looking at her and asking what good I’ve done to deserve that kind of love.

Humahabol na tuwing umaga. Going to work has become extra painful. When we get home at night, we would hear her screaming as soon as she hears our voice. She would then stop at whatever she’s doing, giggle and rush to us the moment she sees us. Nakakalimutan niyang hindi pa siya marunong lumakad! She embraces me when I tell her, “Nanay is so tired. Please hug Nanay.” When I ask for a kiss from her, she puts her mouth on my cheek and shower me with her saliva! Hahahaha!

Tatay once said that Zayne is selosa. There were times when Boyet would hug me, and Zayne would forcefully come between us. Haha! Ayyyy, selosa like her Nanay! :p

She’s so fun to be with! Expanding ang Kolokoy Household! Hahaha! Minsan, gigising pa lang siya, tawa na kami ng tawa! :p

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Maloko na rin e! There was this one time when I caught her banging Tatay's mobile phone on the wooden headboard when we had a staycation with her Ninongs and Ninangs. I shouted, “Tatay! Si Zayne o!” Do you know what she did? She covered my mouth!!! Oh, yes she did! Maloko like her Tatay! Hahahaha! :p

Another key milestone on her eighth month is her ability to mimic words.



EXHIBIT A: One time, I got so amazed at something, and I blurted out, “Halalalaaa!” Zayne gave me her emoji-like smile and said, “Halaaa!”

EXHIBIT B: During our wedding anniversary staycation, Zayne pooped while we were in the hotel’s play area. As I was changing her diaper in our room, I said, “Baho!” Zayne giggled and said, “ Bawoo!” Boyet and I looked at each other! Sabay pa kami nagtanong ng, “Baho daw?!”

EXHIBIT C: Eto pinakamatindi! We recently had a staycation with Aubrey, Joie and Erlie. Aubrey brought Skye with her. Everybody was calling Skye, “Kakay!” And yes, Zayne blurted out KAKAY! Oo, KAKAY talaga! Diretsong diretso! Nauna pa sa Nanay at Tatay! Muntik na kaming mag-cartwheel ni Aubrey sa gulat! :p

As of this writing, Zayne already learned a lot of other things. After all, she’s turning nine months old in a few days. I feel really blessed when even online friends tell me and Boyet that Zayne is making them smile. I guess our little poop machine has turned into everybody’s ball of sunshine. :)


  1. Nakakatuwa talaga yang cutiepie na yan oh! with all her signature headbands.

  2. Happy 8th month, baby Zayne! Ang cute mo tapos ang cute pa ng H&M onesie mo, kaya ikaw na! Hehe. :)

  3. Ang batang may addicting na tawa!!! Kakamiss yang bagets na yan. :)


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