Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

Washing the dishes is one of the first household chores that I learned. Bawal ang diva sa bahay namin. My parents were really strict. If you don’t want to help with the chores, get out of the house. My husband, who grew up with a stay-at-home mom and 4 sisters, knew very little about doing household chores. That’s why when we started dating, the first thing that he had to learn was to wash the dishes. Now, more than a decade after, I’m glad that I took the time to “train” him. Hahaha!

We only have a “stay out” house help. When she's not around, doing the household chores solely falls in our hands. I cook, and the rest of the chores are being split between me and my husband. But since I’m exclusively breastfeeding Zayne, my husband tirelessly washes the dishes at night while I put our baby to sleep. For months, my husband, with his most kawawa face, would complain that his hands show battle scars of being a battered husband! :p So when the team behind Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid generously gave us some samples, Boyet was more than willing to do a review of the product. Hahaha! But seriously, for days, he always had something to say about the product each time he washes the dishes! :p

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First thing’s first. It cleans well. It truly does! Sebo, mantika, everything! My husband loves to eat fish. Madalas, malansa ang mga kawali even if we use the more famous, commercially available dishwashing liquid.

Second, it’s very easy to rinse. I was initially doubtful with the product because it’s not foamy. My thinking was – hindi ’to makakalinis kasi hindi mabula. But going back to my first point, the product delivered on the cleaning part. I then realized that it wasn’t foamy making it easier to rinse. It also makes the product more cost-efficient. Tipid kasi sa tubig. And more importantly, this is where my third point comes in…

There’s no residue! A few days before I received the product, my husband said in jest, “Nanay, ang sarap ng luto mo. Hinaluan mo ba ng sabon?!” Hahahaha! Masarap naman talaga yung luto ko kaso lang, may amoy at lasang sabon yung baunan! Luckily, Bubble Man really does its cleaning action without leaving any strong smell and taste.

I was already convinced with the first three points, but Bubble Man is a showoff! Parang sa home TV shopping lang… tipong... “Wait, there’s more!”  Hahaha!

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It’s gentle on hands! No more chapping and dryness for Boyet’s hands! Hahaha! :p

The power of Bubble Man was put to a test when Boyet accidentally cut his finger. I offered to wash the dishes, but he insisted on trying Bubble Man even with a minor cut. He tried both Bubble Man and the dishwashing liquid we have at home. He said that unlike with our old dishwashing liquid, he didn’t even feel that he had a minor cut when he used Bubble Man. Ganun siya ka-gentle!

I tried it a few times, and I am very impressed with Bubble Man. Even our house help has nothing but praises for this product. But more than the two of us, my husband has been benefitting from this new discovery. It’s heaven-sent for his very “sensitive” skin. Haha!

I was teasing Boyet that I’ll volunteer him to be the image model or brand ambassador of Bubble Man! Sabi ko mag-pose siya while washing the dishes, kaso lang baka daw hindi na siya irespeto ng 200+ na taong hawak niya sa office! :p

To know more about the product, visit their Facebook page here.

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  1. Mahanap nga yang Bubble man sa grocery after maubos yung dishwashing paste na gamit namin sa bahay. Given your and Boyet's observations, mukhang promising! :)


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