Zayne's Seventh Month

Zayne turned seven months old on June 8. I had a couple of important meetings to attend to so I was not able to work from home that day. Zayne’s Ninang Aubrey and I work in the same building so she usually (being a user-friendly that she already is, haha) invites herself to go home with us when Boyet fetches me at night. She joined us for dinner along with Ninong Jeff and Ninang Joie, who delivered Zayne’s delicious cake! As I mentioned in my previous posts, my husband and I decided not to splurge on her monthly birthday celebrations. Apart from the time when her monthly birthday fell on Mother’s Day, we just celebrate it at home with Mama and Papa and whoever is available to join us. What make our simple “feast” extra special are the yummy cakes from My Sweets’ Haven! It never fails. It never does! On Zayne’s 7th month, her Ninang Joie made a nice cookies ‘n cream cake. And just like before, it was a big hit!

Even Zayne thought so, too!

Taking her mandatory monthly birthday photos has become such a hard job! She can’t and won’t stay still. I was still supporting her as she sit with her cake in front of her on her 6th month birthday. I never realized what a month can do to a baby! Look at her!!!


Her reactions when she saw the cake were priceless! I kept on telling her “No sweets until you’re two.” I bet she was saying, “Two is likeeee forever from now!” Hahahaha!


And here, she probably said, “I don’t care if I get jailed for eating MY cake!” Hahaha!


People are so surprised that she could already sit up straight. She learned to sit on her own a couple of days after she turned six months old. Although I welcomed this big milestone with a grateful heart, a part of me got a bit too emotional because the clichΓ©, “They grow up so fast,” is happening right before my eyes. Parang kailan lang, dede-meme-poopoo lang ang buhay niya.

This photo was taken three days after she turned six months old.

She loves eating time. She grabs the spoon… and throws it up in the air! Haha. I would have wanted to let her eat on her own, but we needed to catch up on her weight. Plus, my back hurts each time I get the spoon from the floor. Haha! I told myself that baby-led weaning, just like cloth diapering, is not for everybody. I've already forgiven myself for failing at that part. I stopped being bothered because I’ve already seen her being independent in other aspects. And besides, I realized that she won’t be a baby for so long so I’ll just savor every chance that I get to put food on her mouth. Time will soon come when she won’t be needing me the way she needs me now. (Shetdapwet! Huhuhu!)


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She’s such a strong baby. Her Ninang Mitch said that it’s probably because she has been a survivor from the very beginning. A week or two after she learned to sit on her own, she started to stand up with support. I’m just glad that she’s not lampa like her Nanay. Hahaha!

I bully her every chance I get to! :p

I’m amazed to see her grow up a smart baby. Ok, I’m a little biased here because I’m her mother. :p But people around her also say the same. When her pediatrician tells us the things that she should already know, Zayne is probably saying, “Duhhhh! Doc, that is soooo last month!” Hahaha!

She also imitates a lot that’s why we are so careful when she’s around. No cursing and saying bad words in front of Zayne. She already knows how to find the things that are purposely hidden from her. Mautak, sobra!

When she was still younger, she would always be game to play peek-a-boo. But she grew tired of Eat Bulaga and responds more with, “Where is Zayne?” If you have Baby TV, then you’re probably familiar with, “Where is Grandpa? Where do you think he hides?” So when we put a cover over her head or face and sing, “Where is Zayne,” she would wait until we sing, “Where do you think she hides,” before she removes the cover. Hihi. Believe me, ang saya saya niya sa laro na ‘yun. Minsan, “Where is Nanay” or “Where is Tatay,” and she would do the same. Haha!

A reader once asked me if I let my baby watch TV. Yes, I do. But I have a few rules. First, Zayne should never watch a TV unattended. Second, she’s only allowed to watch Baby TV and Disney channels. I scold my husband if he watches Spongebob when Zayne is around. I told my mother never to watch Doble Kara and Tubig at Langis when Zayne is awake. Peyborit pa naman nila Mama at Yaya ‘yun. Hahaha! Buti na lang, siesta time ni Zayne ang airing. I let Yaya watch Food Network when Zayne is around once in a while. Pampadagdag English din haha. Good thing about Zayne, though, is that, TV is not her primary source of entertainment. She would rather play with the remote control than watch TV. Haha! Third and the most important of all, I tell whoever is watching with her to repeat whatever she’s watching. That is why even Mama and Yaya know a lot of songs and nursery rhymes. Zayne already got passed through her addiction with Charlie and the Numbers. Occasionally, she would be hooked to Sofia the First. (I initially thought puro kaartehan lang si Sofia, but the girl has real good values! I was actually surprised to see one episode that teaches kids about gender sensitivity. So aprub sa akin si Sofia!) Once in a while, she’ll watch Hi-5. Her favorite song is WOW. Susme! Ulit ulit, pero hume-headbang ang loka loka tuwing WOW ang kanta! “Wow, what a surprise! You open up my eyes. You really are amazing!” Hahaha! O dabah, kabisado ko?! But her most favorite, as in walang mintis, is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West! Umiikot ang pwet tuwing kakanta ang Prairie Dogs trio. Iisa lang naman ang tono. Hahaha!

She can also identify objects by association. Minsan nga lang sablay. There was this one time when she held her Tatay's chipipay backup mobile phone in front of the TV. She pressed the keypad endlessly and got frustrated when nothing happened! I almost died laughing! Hahaha!

She reaches everything - phones, toys, my hair, my nose, and almost anything that piques her curiosity. Her grasp has become even stronger. (My usual spiel: No Zayne. Don’t pull ____’s hair!) She can even hold smaller things that’s why we make sure that anything that can choke her is out of her sight.

I only bought Zayne one toy. It's Sophie the Giraffe which also happens to be a teether. My husband and I decided not to shower her with toys. Books, yes. Toys, no.

All of her toys are gifts from our friends. I let my friends spoil Zayne. Haha. Zayne is a low maintenance baby so she would rather play with a lampin, the curtain or baby wipes rather than with real toys. Hihi. But for months, Zayne was addicted to Scout. Scout talks when the buttons are pressed. And since Zayne loves to press any buttons, Scout gets so confused all the time. Hahaha!

This photo was taken when she was around four months old. With her is Scout, a toy she received from her Ninang Joie. She did not like Scout at first. Isn’t it obvious? Haha! 

But more than being a smart and strong baby, my heart is just overflowing with so much gratefulness each time I see Zayne growing up to be a very happy child!


Her everyday reactions crack us up! Para siyang isang buhay na emoji! :p




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I consider myself a shy person that’s why I have always imagined having a shy baby. When Zayne was younger, she would just stare at people. Tulala Level: God. Ganun siya ka-NR. But now, I believe she has become more sociable than me! Hihi! She smiles and giggles when our neighbors play with her. She even shows off when strangers pay attention to her. There was this one time while we were waiting for her turn in a doctor’s clinic when a Korean lady smiled at us and said, “Very pretty baby!” Zayne smiled back… and… played with her saliva! Nag-shower ako! Hahahaha!!! I guess he got his Tatay's bubbly personality! :p

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I’m posting this a few days before she turns eight months old. I realized that it has become a pattern. I would notice that I still haven’t posted her monthly milestones days before her next monthly birthday. More than being a busy working mother, I think it’s mainly because the days are just going too fast… way too fast.

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