Five Years

On June 12, my husband and I marked our 5th wedding anniversary. Our celebration this year was different from last year. We opted to have some quality time with our Little Kolokoy so I just booked an overnight stay in one of the hotels in Ortigas where my husband and I had our much needed R&R!


Our plan was simple - check-in to our room and lie down until our back hurts! Hahaha! Boyet said in jest that our Master's bedroom is also air-conditioned, and that our TV at home is much bigger than that in the hotel room. But it was just so nice to have at least a day of not thinking about cooking, cleaning the house and washing the dishes. We only left the hotel room to get dinner. Ganun kami kapetiks! I’ll do a separate post to review our most recent staycation, but let me just say that I had the best 8-hour sleep that night since I got pregnant with Zayne! Hahahaha!

Zayne and I slept earlier while Boyet watched the airing of Heneral Luna on ABS-CBN. Ang saya lang kapag Independence Day ang wedding anniversary, puro himagsikan ang ganap sa TV! Harharhar! I was half awake by midnight so I greeted my husband. He jumped out of the bed to get something and handed me his gift. Kaya pala 2 oras nagpa-gas the day before!!!

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One proof that we have been married for five years - we get “prorated” gifts. Hahaha. I got my Mother’s Day 2015 gift, a new mobile phone, on Christmas of 2015. I didn’t get gifts on my birthday and Mother’s Day this year. Combo pala ng 5th wedding anniversary. Bwahahahaha! Magpapalamang ba naman ako? I gave him a 2-in-1 gift for Christmas and his birthday last year. This year, I gave him my wedding anniversary gift a week later, just in time for Father’s Day! :p

More than our unusual gift-giving habits, what made our 5th wedding anniversary more special was the fact that we got to spend it with Zayne.

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Albeit a bit tiring since I packed almost the entire house just in case Zayne needed anything, we enjoyed every single second we spent together as a family. My husband and I loved looking at Zayne's reactions as she experienced a lot of things for the first time. Her face just lighted up when we allowed her to play on the carpeted floor. Carpeted floor na ini-spray-an ko ng sangkatutak  na surface cleaner for babies. Hahaha. Ang praning ko, sorry. >:)

When Zayne came into our lives, I already accepted the fact that our married life would never be the same again. I used to tease Boyet that his love for me would definitely change the moment we become parents. I was absolutely right! Walang halong kaplastikan, but I sincerely feel that he loves me more now. I don’t know how he manages to take care of hundreds of people at work and two silly girls at home. At yes, gandang ganda pa rin siya sa'kin kahit panay ang reklamo ko na feeling ko losyang na ako. (Gusto ko sanang sabihin na ang hot ko pa rin sa paningin niya kaso baka hindi na kayo maniwala! :p) 

Of course there are days when we really want to strangle each other’s neck, but there are far more days when we still feel like we have just started dating. I’m not sure how we do it. It might be because we had been through a lot – crazy start before we even dated, making ends meet before we got married, our battle with infertility, or maybe... just maybe because... #MayForever lang siguro talaga! Charot! Forever din bago kami magbigayan ng regalo! Hahahahaha!!!


  1. Oo! At tawag sya ng tawag nung "nagpapa-gas" sya kaya kahit kaharap ko si Chef Boy, excuse ako ng excuse. Hihihihi.. Galing talaga ng asawa mo. Happy anniversary ulet!!!

  2. Happy 5th!!!!!! I remember reading your pregnancy struggles from the mean and tactless "people," pregnancy journey, crying moments with your equally sympathetic doctor and ang everyday chronicles sa IG. Benta sa akin, pati tenga mo pinakain ni Zayne hahahahah

  3. Kakaiba gift-giving style nyo, ha. At least dumarating pa rin, nagiging combo pa. Hehe. Happy 5th wedding anniv and God bless your family! :)


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