Kolokoy Household: Episode 69

Hello, my dear readers! Your ever lazy mommy blogger is checking in today. Hahaha! This blog has been coming in and out of hiatus for different reasons. When Zayne was born, I could not blog because I was literally a milking cow. Hehe. I thought things will get easier now that she’s half a year old. But I was wrong. Now that she crawls and sits non-stop and just recently, she patiently tries to stand up, I spend most of my waking hours chasing her and making sure that she does not pick my nose. Hahaha. I used to do one blog post in one sitting. Now, it’s already a miracle if I get to sit at all. So each time you see a new post up on this blog, consider it a miracle. Hahaha! Anyway, here’s a Kolokoy Household post before I go on another hibernation. :p


There is a spa that is just a cartwheel away from our neighborhood. Given Boyet’s hectic schedule both at work and cleaning Zayne’s bottles (haha), let’s just say that he is one of the suki of this specific spa. One night, he went to get a one-hour massage. This was our conversation as soon as he came back.

Boyet: Grabe, Nay!
Me: Bakit?!
Boyet: Utot na utot ako sa unang hagod pa lang.
Me: Hahahahahahaha!
Boyet: Grabe ‘yung pigil ko huwag lang mautot.
Me: E kelan ka na nakautot?
Boyet: Pagkalabas ko ng spa!
Me: Isang oras ka nagpigil ng utot?!
Boyet: Partida after ng masahe, nagbayad pa ako!



Yesterday, this came up from my Facebook memories.


One year before we got married, GGSS na ang lolo niyo! Gwapong gwapo sa sarili! Now that we’ve been married for almost five years, nothing has changed! The photo below is taken during Zayne’s baptism (which I still haven’t blogged yet, haha).


My husband and I have a copy of the photo on the right placed on our wallets. A few days ago as I was getting something from my wallet…

Me: Tatay, ampogi mo pala dito…

At walang kaabog-abog, eto ang sagot niya…

Boyet: Hindi ka pa rin nasanay?!

Sanay na! Sanay na sanay na sanay na sanay na! =))


One day, my husband was having a monologue after taking a bath.

Boyet: Grabe…
Grabe talaga…
Hindi na ako mahal ng asawa ko…
Ang liit liit lang naman ng butas ng shorts ko…
Hindi pa niya matahi…
Lahat na lang ng oras niya, nasa anak namin…
Sana naman magkaroon siya ng oras…
Para tahiin niya ‘yung shorts ko…
Ang liit liit lang naman ng butas…

Me: Patingin nga!



Enjoy the rest of the week! =)


  1. Warak yan tol. Di yan butas!! Bwahahaha!

  2. Hahaha, natawa ako sa butas. Palitan na ng meaning ng "butas" sa dictionary! :)


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