Zayne's Sixth Month

Zayne turned half a year old on May 8. It was a double celebration for the family because it was also my first Mother’s Day with Zayne on the outside world. (I was three months pregnant on Mother’s Day of 2015.) We had been celebrating her monthly birthdays at home. But since her 6th month fell on a Sunday, we decided to have lunch at Yabu after hearing mass. Mama, Papa, my younger brother and my sister-in-law joined us. We then headed home after lunch because we anticipated a large crowd flocking the mall to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I have no idea what her light bulb moment was! ;p

I got some hand-me-down baby clothes from my friend, Cric. Zayne wore one of them on her sixth month birthday. I guess this was what made Zayne really happy.

Zayne: Nakatipid si Nanay sa damit, may dagdag ako for my investment fund! Char! :p

And once again, just like the previous months, Zayne’s cake didn’t disappoint! The entire family loved it! I think it was the first time that her Ninang Joie put cashew nuts on the cake. Super sarap!!! Tamad lang gawing full blown business ang My Sweet’s Haven! :p


Zayne had gone through some sort of a huge transformation a day after she turned 5 months old. It was as if she was learning a new trick every single day. She turned into a more active baby. She became noisier with her giggles getting louder and louder. I really started to feel that my baby is growing up way too fast. I find myself looking at her and begging the aliens who abducted my tiny baby to bring her back to me. Hahaha!

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A video posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on




Before she turned six months old, she was already crawling and doing some acrobatics trying to sit on her own. Those who see her move tell us that it won’t be long before she starts to walk because she has been practicing to stand on her own.


She used to just lick her hands. But she started to lick her feet, too, the moment she learned to reach them. She has also learned to hold her feeding bottle. She even brags about holding it using only her one hand.


She now appreciates music. Aside from Charlie and the Numbers, she also loves the songs from Hi5. But surprisingly, her most favorite is the jingle of Bonakid! Pag threeeeeee pataaaaaas… HAHAHA! Kahit tulog, gigising siya para sumayaw!

Her Tatay and I love to bully her. Bwahahaha! Her Tatay loves to see her reaction each time he carries her up higher than the usual.

She now understands routines. She closes her eyes when she sees me or her nanny holding a face towel during her bath time or when we freshen her up. This is why I love teasing her. I usually hold the towel very near her face so she closes her eyes. When she realizes that I’m just teasing her, she will either raise her eyebrows or make the sound “eeeehhhh”, and then she will give me a big pout!

Don’t judge us. We’re not bad parents. :p As a matter of fact, Zayne already knows how to fight back! Hahaha! There was this one time when I teased her, and she ended up covering my mouth so I could stop talking. She also picks and pinches her Tatay’s nose when he’s pretending to sleep during playtime.


But what surprised me the most was when she started to pretend that she’s sleeping! Saan niya natutunan magtulug-tulugan?! Hahaha! We were in a side-lying position while I was nursing her. She usually falls asleep facing me after unlatching. But there were times when she would unlatch, turn her back on me and pretend to sleep! After a few seconds, she’d face me again while laughing! Asar talo ako! Hahahahaha!

It looks like she’s beginning to show her own personality. Although people tell me that she looks a lot like me, I really feel like she got her Tatay's “kulit”. But when she sleeps, she’s back to being like Nanay again... sleeping with half-closed eyes and widely-opened mouth! Bwahahahaha!


While we are already in the topic of sleeping, let me just point out that my heart broke into tiny pieces when Zayne started to sleep on her own. There are still days when she wants to be rocked to sleep, but there are days like this...

But I guess the highlight of her 6th month was when she finally had a taste of solid food. She showed signs of readiness to eat as early as her 4th month. She was already looking and grabbing food. She also chews every time she sees us eating. So parang PG lang ang peg niya for 2 months! Hahaha!

I gave her a few bites of mashed banana with breastmilk the day she turned six months old. I think I need to have a separate post for this topic because she has a lot of funny photos while eating! Hihihi!


See?! My daughter is now crawling, eating, and moving from one point to another in a flash! She’s turning seven months old in a couple of days! What happened to that tiny creature who I was so scared to carry fearing that I might end up breaking her bones? It’s so fast... just so fast.

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  1. ang galing galing naman magpose ng bebe na yan!

  2. Ang catchy talaga ng Bonakid jingle na yan. That's my baby's favorite too.
    Feeling ko natutong mag identify ng numbers yung baby ko dahil kay Charlie. Do you also let Zayne watch TV? I've read writeups stating that watching TV is not advisable until the baby reaches 2. Hindi ko din nasunod.

  3. Cute cute naman ni Zayne! Kamukha mo nga sya. Ay naku pag half-closed eyes at wide-opened mouth pag natutulog, matatalino daw yan. Ehem...ganun din kasi ako matulog, apir tayo sis! Ahahahaha. :)


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