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Even before Zayne was born, I was already certain of many things when it comes to raising her. One of which is using cloth diapers. My husband gave me his full support on this. But surprisingly, other mommy friends who found out about my plan tried to discourage me citing things like cloth diapers are pricey and using it would entail too much work.

Zayne started using cloth diapers when she turned three months old. I wanted to start earlier but decided to delay it. I gave birth via C-section, and we didn’t have a permanent house help. Washing cloth diapers of a poop machine is quite tedious. Haha!

I was able to try at least 5 brands of cloth diapers. I started with a few pieces of different brands, all of which were just gifts to Zayne. I tried buying two other brands. But among all the brands that I’ve tried, I was most satisfied with Bamboo Dappy.

bamboo dappy
Zayne photobombing some of her Bamboo Dappy CDs

This post is not meant to start a mommy war between those who use disposable diapers (DD) and those who use cloth diapers (CD). Every mother has her own way of raising her child. It’s true that cloth diapering is not for everybody. Some may not be able to sustain it due to lack of time, but I was very determined early on to give cloth diapering a try. My primary reasons are the cost, my child's comfort and my love for the environment.


It’s a given that cloth diapers are eco-friendly. Can you imagine how much waste my baby’s ass will contribute before she gets potty-trained? I cringe at the thought of it. Disposable diapers might be more convenient, but I simply want to go the sustainable route. Most disposable diapers in the market are non-biodegrable. I read from an online article that MILLIONS of tons of DD are disposed in landfills yearly. Aren’t you curious how long it takes for DD to be decomposed? It takes centuries! Oo, centuries, as in plural! It usually takes 200-500 years for DD to be decomposed. Mauuna pa akong ma-decompose sa diaper na ginamit ko nung baby ako?! Haha!

And oh, I won’t go into details about how many trees are cut just to manufacture disposable diapers. It’s simply heart-breaking. The brand is called Bamboo Dappy because they use bamboo cloth. Bamboo is a better alternative because it grows faster. No need to feel guilty that we’re ruining the ecosystem by cutting more trees that take years to grow back. I wanted to help save Mother Earth in my own little way.


It’s true that CD is more expensive than DD. But in the long run, you’ll actually save more with CD. Mahal lang ang cloth diapers sa simula. I checked the local market, and the price of a cloth diaper ranges from PH200 to PHP1500. This is why Bamboo Dappy got my vote among all the brands I’ve tried. Zayne received a couple of pieces of CD from the high-end brands. Buying it was already out of the equation. Nagtitipid nga ako tapos bibili ako ng mahal na cloth diapers?! A piece of Bamboo Dappy CD starts at PHP600. I buy their 5+1 package which makes it PHP500 a piece. Believe me, given its quality, it’s already a steal! You’re probably wondering why I chose Bamboo Dappy over the cheaper brand. This is where the next factors enter the picture.


Being a woman, I know how uncomfortable it gets to wear disposable pads. Doing it on a monthly basis during our red days is already a struggle. Can you imagine the discomfort of a baby who wears a DD 24/7? This is why I switched to CD. I bought a few pieces of a cheaper alternative. It was recommended to me by a couple of fellow moms. But not all babies are the same. What may have worked for their babies didn’t work for Zayne. She had rashes when she first wore the cheaper CD. I thought it was probably an isolated case. I tried it again, and the result was the same.

You may think that I am exaggerating, but Zayne really seems happier and more active when she’s wearing Bamboo Dappy. That is because bamboo cloth is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Moms actually have two options for the cloths. I asked mompreneur, Jenny Chua, about it. She said,

The beige side is the bamboo side. That's the absorbent part. The white side is microfleece. The advantage of using the bamboo side is it's cool when not wet yet, but because it's absorbent, it's wet immediately. The microfleece side is hot when dry but can repel some pee.

For me, I use the bamboo side more because it's hot, especially during summer.

I actually don’t mind using the bamboo side part even if it gets wet more easily compared with the microfleece. This is where the hygiene part comes in. My logic is simple. If it gets wet to my touch, then I’m more conscious to replace it with a new CD. The problem with DD is that it’s “too absorbent” which usually ends up in forgetting babies to be changed every 4-6 hours. Hello, UTI!

These are just the primary factors why I love Bamboo Dappy. But allow me to add two more: Design and Customer Service!

Their prints are simply adorable! In my opinion, their prints are way better than the cheaper CD that I purchased. And I actually loved their prints more than the pricier brands. They all look soooo cute on Zayne.


It’s also a delight to talk to Jenny Chua. She promptly responds to my emails. My messages range from designs to choose from to questions which root from my curiosity. Jenny didn’t mind and answered each question I threw at her. Both of my transactions were also very fast and efficient.

In case you want to try out using cloth diapers but you have some apprehensions, try to switch from DD to CD gradually. I started Zayne on CD once a day. And just like what I said earlier, I know that cloth diapering is not for everybody. It takes a great deal of patience and determination to be successful in it. But believe me, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment once you get the hang of it. =)

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  1. Nakakapanibago, Je! Mommy ka na talaga, puro baby posts and baby product reviews na ang laman ng blog mo. :)

    If I'd be given a chance to have another baby, I wanna try cloth diapering, too, because of the all reasons you cited above.


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