We’re halfway there!

This was the exact message that popped up yesterday from my mobile pregnancy application. I just reached my 20th week so that means we’re already halfway there! My husband and I, and those who patiently waited for us for four years, are all excited to see The Little Kolokoy. But I didn’t realize that time has passed by so swiftly. It felt like yesterday when my husband and I cried over three home pregnancy kits simply because we could not believe that we were going to be parents after battling infertility for years. But now, oh wow! The Little Kolokoy will soon make The Kolokoy Household brighter, happier, livelier and probably messier, too! :p

I mentioned in an earlier post that I started to feel our little girl as early as my 15th week. She used to just give me those weak movements randomly throughout the day. But I was feeling her more when I am about to go to sleep at night. Soon after that, I got sick. I was a bit worried when I stopped feeling those flutters in my tummy. But things have drastically changed in a span of a few weeks. She is now making sure that her presence is felt! She kicks like crazy every time she hears her Ninang Abby’s breast pump! Naiingayan siguro! Hahaha! She also could not stop kicking while I was watching John Lloyd Cruz in MMK. And I wasn’t even paying attention to the television at that time! But I was most amazed when she never fails to kick me every time her Tatay plays an Adam Levine song! I thought she was just reacting to the music. But she’s silent when it’s Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Pero kapag Adam Levine, walang palya! Hahahaha! Kalokang bata! Ang aga aga maging John Lloyd at Adam Levine fan! :p

I’m due on November so it’s still a long way to go. I will just cherish and savor every moment that I get to spend with our Little Kolokoy inside of me.

I think I got a bit too excited yesterday that I ended up flooding Instagram with my posts. Yeah, I already consider it “flooding” given the fact that I can go really quiet on IG for days!

My officemates, Mitch and Abby have been bugging me to post an OOTD shot every week. I kept on finding excuses because I am not really the best person to pose for an OOTD photo. That’s the reason why I am a food and not a fashion blogger! Hahaha! But because going on my 20th week was sort of a big deal, I finally gave it a shot. But before I posted it, I made some sort of a disclaimer so people will stop saying that my tummy is too big for 5 months! This is an excerpt from the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

I really don’t understand why people keep on obsessing a pregnant woman’s tummy! Ano, lahat kayo OB/GYN na?! Charot! :p A pregnant woman’s tummy is not the best indication of a baby’s health. Plus, just like what the book said, every pregnancy is unique. Hindi naman ako si Marian Rivera na 19 inches ang baseline ng waistline! I have been a food blogger for years kaya malaki na talaga ang tiyan ko to begin with. Magaling lang akong magtago dati! :p

Anyway, I then posted this after a couple of hours. You have no idea what went behind the scene while we were “shooting” this! Hahaha! Sobrang laughtrip! I think I had to choose from Abby’s gazillion of shots before I settled with the most decent one! :p

This photo came in a close second place.

But then I realized that I had a PUSH sign in the bakground!

It’s still too early to PUSH! :p


  1. Ang bilis! Parang feeling ko kaka announce lang hahaha It all came in perfect timing. The house then this greatest blessing in your lifetime. Enjoy the remaining months and soon enough, mommy blogger ka na din! This Christmas will surely be the most special for your family.

  2. Yay!!! Konti nalang makikita na namin ang baby Z na yan.. :) Deadmatology lang tol sa mga eps. Tapos of course, feel free to PM me pag gusto mo maglabas ng bwiset like I always do noon. Hahaha! Chance mo ng bumawi. :)

  3. Ang bilis! Tama yan, OOTD para updated kami. Ang pretty mo magbuntis, in peyr. Hehe. :)


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