We’re having a…


We’re having a very delicious cake baked by my best friend, Joie, owner of My Sweets’ Haven! Hahahahaha!

My husband and I initially planned to use a cake in announcing the arrival of our Little Kolokoy. But at the last minute, he changed his mind and thought of using shoes instead as seen in this post. It makes perfect sense since we both love shoes anyway. We then agreed to use our initial idea when we announce the gender of our first child. I specifically told Joie that I wanted this kind of cake – a simple chocolate cake topped with tons of my favorite chocolates! I don’t want it coated with fondant because I actually hate eating something as sweet as that. But before all of you tell me that I shouldn’t be eating cakes at this point in my pregnancy, don’t worry. Because I had PCOS prior to pregnancy, my blood sugar is being monitored EVERY DAY. Kaya huwag kayong praning, ok?! :p

Anyway, I’m not saying this because Joie is my best friend, but this cake is insanely delicious. I even told her that this is her best creation so far! The base cake is very moist. I initially thought that it would be too sweet judging by the way it looks, but it isn’t. It’s not that sweet, but it isn’t overpowered by all of the chocolates in it. I specifically requested KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers, Flat Tops and Chocnut! Hahahaha! Suffice to say, the Little Kolokoy was just as happy as I was when I tried it.

So by looking at the cake, did you get any clues if we’re having a boy or a girl? Nahhh? How about with this one?

Still got no idea?! Exactly! That was the kind of suspense that The Little Kolokoy put us through when we went for an ultrasound last week! I think I was lying on the bed for more than half an hour, and the baby refused to cooperate. The Little Kolokoy was facing down, with legs crossed and one hand covering the you-know-what so my doctor could not see it. My legs and my back already started to hurt, but we still didn’t get any luck. My doctor even tried shaking my tummy to make the baby change position. She then advised me to just come back after a few days to have it rechecked. As soon as she said that, The Little Kolokoy suddenly showed us what we were waiting for!!!

We’re having a baby girl!!! Our doctor was initially trying to comfort my husband because she thought that Boyet wanted to have a baby boy. But in reality, his preference for our first born is a baby girl. But of course, the baby’s gender didn’t matter to us at all. We waited for four long years! Choosy pa ba kami? I was ecstatic to find out that we’re having a baby girl, although I was secretly wishing that it would be a boy for three reasons. First, my husband and I are both 31 years old. I wanted to have a boy now because it would probably be harder for us to run around chasing him when we have one when we’re older. Second, my husband is the only boy in his family. Boy na sana, para tapos na ang pressure to have a boy. Hihi! But my father-in-law told us that it doesn’t matter to him at all! Basta daw healthy, masaya na siya! And third, everybody was predicting that we were having a baby girl. When we had our house blessing, a lot of my friends saw me for the first time after I announced my pregnancy. All of them were saying the same thing! “Babae ang anak mo… Ang ganda mo magbuntis… Hindi ka man lang tumataba… Hindi nagbago ang itsura mo…” I was secretly wishing it would be a boy just to prove na maganda lang talaga ako! Charot!!! Hahahahaha!

But then again, the baby’s gender totally didn’t matter to us when the doctor told us that everything was looking great. Our little girl has a strong heartbeat and that the brain and other internal organs are developing well. I was just having some on and off contractions, but my doctor said that it wasn’t really alarming. She just prescribed some meds to relax my uterus. (My doctor had the luxury to check all of these while waiting for The Little Kolokoy to reveal her gender! Hahaha!)

Even before I met my husband, I have been praying for the same thing over and over again. I didn’t specifically pray to have a boy or a girl. All I ever wanted was to be given the chance to fulfill what I have always believed is my mission in life – to be a mother. And seeing a human being inside my very tiny frame was just a testament of God’s grace, generosity and faithfulness. It may be a long wait, but it was definitely worth it. (Our baby girl just kicked me really hard while I was writing this part! She was probably saying, “Yes, Nanay! God loves us!!!”) For years, I have been praying to be given a healthy, normal, smart and beautiful child with a very kind heart. The last part will definitely be the hardest for us as parents. The other qualities can be determined by our genes, but the last one is for Boyet and I to work on! And so as we pray for our child, we also continuously pray for our hearts as parents-to-be! =)

I’m still not sure whether Baby Z will like her Tatay’s Lego toys or my books. She can like both or none at all. I’m not sure either what kind of parents Boyet and I will turn out to be. I’m not sure whether my little girl will like tutus or if she will favor jumper shorts instead. But the things that we are still uncertain about are the same things that make us really excited to get to know her! =)


  1. Awwww, you guys are having a girl! Masarap daw bihisan pag girl. Kikay ka ba, sis? Hehe. Anyway, congrats!!! :)

  2. congrats sis for having a girl! lahat ata ng friends ko or kakilala ko girl nagiging anak now. hehe! ang sarap bihisan ng girls!!!

  3. Yehey baby girl! And the cake looks very very yummy!



  4. Congrats, Jerrelt! Same tayo, I have a baby girl narin! :) It's super happy having a girl, may karamay sa kaartehan! Haha..

    Take care of yourself and the little one! See you around! :D


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