Restaurant Review: Frank & Dean Café x Kitchen at Burgos Circle (BGC)

There’s a relatively new restaurant in BGC that is concealed from the busier side of Burgos Circle. Abby and I were trying to cross out another restaurant from our “Must-Try-Before-We-Leave-BGC” list when our initial plan got derailed because she saw a Facebook post of Frank & Dean. The post shows a mouth-watering photo of fried chicken and waffles. So yeah, when you see a photo of fried chicken and waffles, you forget whatever your gastronomic plans are and go for this duo!

We went with some of our teammates last Friday. The place has the perfect mixture of coziness and elegance. It certainly exudes a laid back vibe yet there are bits and pieces scattered within the place that speak of nothing but sophistication. I initially thought that the place is a bit small until I realized that the restaurant has a second level to accommodate more guests.

While we were placing our orders, I noticed that most of the other guests were being served with their fried chicken. This got my hopes up because that only meant that it is one of the restaurant’s specialties. Basing from the menu, guests have the option to have their fried chicken go with rice, waffles, donuts and mac ‘n cheese. My mind was already set in getting their fried chicken and waffles, but I was disappointed when I saw from the menu that they only serve waffles with 2-pc fried chicken. I settled with the 1-pc Southern Fried Chicken with Mac ‘n Cheese instead. Abby and Sheen also got the same.
frank & dean (1)
1-pc Southern Fried Chicken with Mac ‘n Cheese PHP350

Was I happy with my choice? Yes, but not entirely. I loved the mac ‘n cheese. The pasta is cooked al dente. The amount of sauce is perfect. It’s not too runny, but it’s more than enough to coat the pasta. I also fell in love with all the cheesy goodness with my every bite.

Although the chicken’s crust is crunchy and very tasty, the meat is a bit too bland and dry for my liking. Unfortunately, the gravy didn’t help at all. I also don’t have a problem splurging on food, but I just felt that the PHP350 is a bit too much for the size of their chicken. I was trying to keep my silence while we were eating until Abby and Sheen finally verbalized what was on my mind. Abby even said that Army Navy’s fried chicken is way better than Frank & Dean’s. And oh, one of my teammates who got their 2-pc fried chicken had to send it back to the kitchen because his chickens were undercooked. :|

Although our food arrived shortly, some of us were not that lucky. Mitch simply got their Electric Omelet. I was almost done eating when her food arrived! After her numerous attempts to follow up and the waiters’ promise that her food is coming shortly, I finally asked one of the servers, “Kuya, bakit ang tagal ng itlog niya? Piniritong itlog lang, ang tagal tagal pang lutuin?!” My officemates simply laughed for two reasons. First, I sounded like a grumpy pregnant woman! (Well, I was one at that time! :p) And second, I think they put malice on my first statement! :p

I whispered something to Mitch after I talked to the waiter. “Dapat bongga ‘yang omelet mo ha! Kapag ayan hindi mukhang ginawa ng more than 30 minutes, yari sila sa’kin!” After less than a minute, this arrived to our table.

frank & dean (2)
Electric Omelet PHP200

Well, imagine the unsliced version. I think Mitch waited long enough that she totally forgot to take a photo of it. Now, you decide. Does this look like something that you would be willing to wait for more than half an hour? She let us have a few bites of it. It was just so-so. Although I loved the texture of the crispy bell peppers, the omelet was bland. But I think it was intentional given the fact that it’s called Electric Omelet because it is supposed to cater to those who are working out. I guess this is the healthier version as the omelet is cooked with three egg whites, 1 egg yolk, spinach and bell peppers. It is served with sliced bananas and toasted wheat bread.

The first two dishes may have been quite a disappointment, but the others made up for Frank & Dean’s shortcomings. This Fish ‘n Chips arrived later than the Electric Omelet. (IKR?! Hahahaha!) But I guess those who were able to give it a try enjoyed it. The fish and the fries were both cooked and seasoned perfectly. And the dip definitely did its purpose in adding more flavor to this dish!

frank & dean (3)
Fish ‘n Chips PHP360

We also got two kinds of pizza which came last after our countless attempts to follow up. We were all done eating when the pizza were finally served to us. We got to try 5 Cheese and All Meat Pizza. We failed to take a photo of the 5 Cheese Pizza because we all got so excited after the long waiting game. Haha!

Everybody seemed to have enjoyed it. The pizza crust was cooked to perfection, and the toppings were very tasty. They use thin crust so that gave more emphasis to the richness of flavors of the toppings.

frank & dean (4)
All Meat Pizza PHP480
5 Cheese Pizza (not in the photo) PHP440

The All Meat Pizza will definitely give you a protein overload as you get the all the meaty goodness at each slice. I also loved the pungent flavors of the 5 Cheese Pizza. The combination of the different kinds of cheese was a great treat for my taste buds.

Frank & Dean may have some hits and misses. I would like to think that the service was a bit slow because it has only been a month since they started their operations, but I’m hoping this will improve over time. =)

Frank & Dean Café x Kitchen
First Floor, Forbes Town Center,
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 4s

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  1. Tawang tawa ako sa piniritong itlog lang??!!! Lintek. hahaha!

  2. Natawa ako dun sa "itlog nya" hahaha

  3. Pizza is tempting me :) I want to eat now.hahaha

  4. Honestly, isang beses pa lang ako nakapuntang bgc. Hindi ako nakapag-foodtrip kasi ang alam ko sa mga sa sosyal na tao lamang hehe. Feeling ko sa mga establishments dun mahal at hindi ko keri ang price. At tama nga ako. What I don't like is hindi mo rin masasabing worth it yung food. Anyway I appreciate your effort Ms. Jerellt for letting us know about this resto. :)


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