Cool and Stylish Sandals for the Women on the Go

Being a girl who’s an inch short of five feet, a lot of people often wonder why I am not fond of wearing high-heeled shoes. In a world where vanity rules over comfort, people always assume that short girls would want that extra height. Believe it or not, I only wear high-heeled shoes on very special occasions. Aside from the fact that I’m not comfortable wearing such kinds of footwear, I hate to admit that I am naturally clumsy! I used to wear a pair of wedge shoes every day when I was a freshman in college. It looked really good on my pencil skirt uniform, so who cares if my feet hurt after a day of walking and commuting? But then one day after class, I fell down the stairs with half of the class witnessing my demise! After that day, I promised myself that I would never compromise comfort over vanity ever again! I have nothing against girls who wear high-heeled shoes, but it’s definitely not for the clumsy (a.k.a. lampa) girl like me. Since then, I think I only wore high-heeled shoes on my wedding day and when I attend special gatherings that require me to wear a formal dress. Other than these days, I am always in my ballet flats or sandals.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t necessarily need to choose between style and comfort. You can actually have both. Years ago, people actually sort of “look down” at women who wear sandals. They say it’s not that classy or it’s too informal. But now, things have changed a lot! There are a lot of stylish yet comfy sandals in the market. And not only that, I believe that a pair of sandals is every traveler’s best friend. Aside from the fact that it’s lightweight, it’s also very versatile. It can go very well with jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts. Take for example my pair of sandals from iPanema. I used it in one of our trips to Tagaytay. You’ll see that I wore it with shorts and a skirt. I have also worn it with dresses, jeans and leggings!

Now that I’m almost five months pregnant, it’s already a no-brainer that ballet flats and sandals are the best kinds of footwear for me. With the extra weight that I need to bear and the inevitable leg cramps caused by hormonal changes, flats and sandals are the only way to rule the world.

But because my OB/GYN told me to minimize physical activities because of my on and off contractions, our weekly trips to the mall have been minimized. But thank God for online shopping! I was looking at the Zalora website a couple of days ago. ZALORA has a large selection of cool and stylish sandals! I was actually crushing over a lot of designs that will surely fit the needs of this pregnant Mama!

zalora sandals cln
I think this will be perfect for a dainty summer dress!

zalora sandals ipanema
Going to grocery in shorts? Why not?!

zalora sandals mango I have been wearing a lot of dark-colored clothes lately. This will be perfect to add a splash of color to my outfit. =)

zalora sandals mendrez
Perfect for any casual wear!

zalora sandals spring fling This one certainly fits any type of outfit!

zalora sandals velvetBlack jeans going to the office? Pair it with this beauty!

Now, wouldn't you agree with me that a pair of cool and stylish sandals is every girl's best friend? =)

I know this is totally out of topic, but I was able to catch a few minutes of i-Witness over the weekend. It featured the CEO of Zalora Philippines who is just in his early thirties! (I think he's just 31 years old, if I'm not mistaken.) The guy is truly a level 5 leader with his never-ending vision for his company and the kind of humility that he has shown. I learned that he shares his desk with his employees and he just walks going to and from the office! How amazing is that?! I believe that's the kind of leader that we should all aspire to be. =) And oh, sorry for getting out of track from my original topic. :p I was just too amazed with his kind of leadership that I could not let this post end without mentioning it to all of you. =)


  1. I'm not a high-heels kind of girl, either. Siguro dahil clumsy rin ako gaya mo? Hahaha. Gusto ko rin siyempre na comfy ako sa suot kong sapatos. Like ko rin mga shoes sa Zalora. Actually, may wish list akong minemaintain doon. Yung iba nabibili ko, yung iba nawawala bigla kasi naubos na ang stock. Haha. :)

    P.S. Ang cool naman pala ng CEO ng Zalora Philippines. Very inspiring, too. :)

  2. They really look classy and stylish. =)


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