Restaurant Review: Oudon at Bonifacio Global City

My teammates and I have been making the most out of our remaining days in BGC by trying out as many restaurants as we can. Although it should have been months earlier, the delay in our office move is giving us ample time for more gastronomic discoveries in the area. I vividly remember how scarce the restaurants were more than three years ago when I started working in BGC. But now, the place has rapidly turned into every foodie’s haven. One of our recent restaurant discoveries was Oudon, a Japanese restaurant located at the second level of The Forum. Back in the days, we would only get in the trouble of walking in that area only to get to Sarsa Kitchen + Bar. But now, there are more choices for all the food lovers! Fortunately for us, Oudon was such a great choice. As a matter of fact, some of my teammates just had lunch at Oudon the day before I first tried it. I think that alone was a good reason for me to try it out, too!

The place is quite spacious. It has the perfect mixture of coziness for those who would just like to hang out, and the simplicity for small business meetings. The interiors are just typical of a traditional Japanese restaurant, with some modern twists here and there.

Most of my teammates got the rice bowl meals from their lunch menu. I only got to take a picture of my plate and that of Abby’s, who was seating beside me. These rice meals range from PHP350-PHP480. But the reason why some of my teammates got convinced to come back was the fact that these rice meals are on 50% off for the entire month of June!

oudon restaurant bgc (1)Oyako Don PHP350

Abby had Oyako Don. This rice bowl topped with egg-coated chicken initially was unappealing to me. But because Abby also had this same meal the day before, I got intrigued and gave it a try! I got to try a few pieces of the chicken. The chicken strips are very tender, with the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. Abby topped it with tons of chili powder, so the extra heat gave this simple dish more depth flavor-wise.

Aside from Oyako Don, most of my teammates got Oudon’s Curry Don. I was initially hesitant to try it out. Given the fact that I love spicy dishes, I have been trying to mellow it down ever since I got pregnant for fear that I might get into an unexpected hyperacidity attack. But Mitch assured me that it’s not as hot as to what I’m used to so I gave it a go!

oudon restaurant bgc (2)Curry Don PHP380

The meat is very tender. Both the carrots and the potatoes were cooked to perfection. The curry sauce has very strong flavors, but the heat was bearable. Those who are weak-hearted when it comes to spicy dishes but are willing to become adventurous for a day will surely love it. Its pungency was balanced out by the sweetness of the carrots.

Aside from the good food and nice ambiance, service is also very efficient. The waiting time was very short. The price range is actually not that bad given that each rice bowl is served with a small bowl of oudon. So imagine how ecstatic we were when we ended up just paying half of its original price! So if you happen to be in BGC, you might want to swing by Oudon! You still have a few more days to avail of their lunch meals promo. =)

Level 2 The Forum,
7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 4s

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  1. True!! BGC is such a foodie haven.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Wait. How dare I let June slipped away without trying this one out? Damn!

  3. Food looks good. I love Japanese style presentations and plating. Very appetizing. =)

  4. So sulit if the entire meal only costs less than 200! They all look really delicious - and I can't believe the first picture if taken with an iPhone!

  5. BGC has a loooot of restaurants I have yet to discover! I'm not a big fan of oudon, but with that kind of deal, maybe I'll try it. :)

  6. Sounds like a great place to hang out in. I like that they don't make you wait that long for your food. And it's just in BGC, yahoo!

  7. I love Japanese Curry! Their version looks really good.

  8. a visit to BCG is always a treat with all these foodie places around. We are all noodle lovers so we are most likely to enjoy this place. I will make sure to try that curry dish as it really looks very interesting.


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