Kolokoy Household: Episode 62

Helloweeeeh! I know it has been a while since my last Kolokoy Household post. Things have been extremely crazy in the Kolokoy Household. With my delicate pregnancy and our recent move to our own house, I could not even find the time and the energy to write a blog post. Things will also be a bit different from now on because I no longer live with my parents. That means you’ll probably hear less from Mama Kolokoy. But don’t worry, she is making sure that her presence is still very much felt as she still keeps on texting and calling us, not to mention that she can’t stop sending us cooked meals! Haha! Anyway, I do hope that Mama makes a comeback really soon in the next episodes. I know that a lot of my readers already miss her! :p But for now, it’s just going to be me and Mr. Kolokoy! =)


Two of our very close friends are getting married to each other. The bride-to-be is teasing Boyet that she wants him to be one of the principal sponsors. Although Boyet is flattered, he still feels that he is too young to be a Ninong! But while I was watching the wedding special of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano, I noticed that Aga Muhlach was one of the principal sponsors.

Me: O, kita mo nga si Aga Muhlach, ninong nila Toni at Paul. Hindi pa naman ‘yan ganun katanda.
Boyet: E kasi si Aga, panget ‘yan. Masyado akong pogi para maging ninong sa kasal!
Me: Wow naman! Hiyang hiya naman ang pagmumukha ni Aga sa’yo!!!

agaImage taken from showbiz-portal.com


I first started to feel the Little Kolokoy as early as 15 weeks. I thought I was just being paranoid when I started to feel flutters in my tummy, but two moms I know told me that it’s not unusual for thin people like me to feel the baby’s movements earlier than the usual. But I started to feel worried when I suddenly stopped feeling the baby when I caught a flu.

Me (while holding my tummy): Baby, paramdam ka na uli kay Nanay. Sige na, kahit kaunti lang. Pleaseeeee.
Boyet: Hoy! Tigil-tigilan mo pagpisil diyan sa tyan mo. Baka mamaya mapango ‘yang anak ko!
Me: At bakit? May pagmamanahan ba ‘to na matangos ang ilong?!
Boyet: Bwahahahahahaha!

Just yesterday on our way to the Sunday Mass, Boyet and I heard me cough once again.

Boyet: Hay naku, anak. Sana hindi mo mamana ang immune system niyang nanay mo.
Me: Oo nga e.
Boyet: Dapat, lakas ng katawan ni Tatay ang makuha mo ha. Pati ‘yung bait at talino ko ha?
Me: O sige anak, kunin mo na lahat kay Tatay. Basta kay Nanay ang itsura ha!!!


While Boyet was dressing up for our medical appointment, I noticed that the shirt he chose didn’t go very well with his shorts.

Me: Tatay, palitan mo shirt mo.
Boyet: Bakit?
Me: Ahmmm, mukhang pambahay e. Hahaha!
Boyet: Hay naku, madadala ko naman sa itsura ‘yan e.
Me: Exactly! Kaya nga kailangan mong magpalit dahil wala tayong masyadong maaasahan sa itsura mo e.
Boyet: Anak o! Ang bully ng nanay mo!!!


The day after we moved in to our house, we went back to my parents’ house to get some more stuff we left behind. I initially fixed everything and placed them near the stairs. On my way out of our room which is in the second floor of the house, I grabbed my shoulder bag and a large bottle of hand soap. On the other hand, Boyet was carrying tons of clothes.

Boyet: O ano? Wala kang dala?
Me (pointing to the hand soap): Etong sabon… At saka ‘yung anak mo! Dala dala ko ‘yung anak mo! May reklamo ka?!
Boyet: Wala, sabi ko nga e! Gusto mo ng tulong diyan sa sabon?!

Enjoy the rest of the week! And Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads! =)


  1. LOL. Pinakapanalo sakin yung huli. Nung buntis ako, madalas ko rin idahilan ang bigat ng tiyan ko kaya special treatment ako lagi kay hubby. Hihi. Kidding aside, preggy or not, we deserve to be treated like a queen by our kings. :)

  2. Bwahahahaha! Simula na ng sandamakmak na panlalait sa "looks" ni Boyet. Nyahahaha! At tawang tawa ako sa dala mo anak nya! Reklamo pa Boyet, sige lang. hahah!

  3. Meron na ulet kolokoy household! Ingat ng madame! Inom ka madameng tubig. :)


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