Restaurant Review: Shrimp Bucket at Bonifacio Global City

Our office will be transferring to Makati a few months from now. And because I am with the company of foodie team mates, they agreed with me that we needed to try as many restaurants as possible before we bid BGC goodbye. We listed all the restaurants that we had yet to try, and we would try to cross one out every Friday. The first that was crossed out from our list was Shrimp Bucket. I don’t know why it took us that long to try it out. We had been to Mozu, which is just across the street, countless of times before, but we never really paid attention to Shrimp Bucket. After working in BGC for more than three years, I finally set foot in Shrimp Bucket.

With only a few seats, I have to say that the place is a bit cramped. But one of the waiting staff told us that they have a bigger space at the second floor. The flag-bearer of Shrimp Bucket is obviously their shrimp dishes. But looking at their menu, I was actually quite impressed that they also offer other kinds of seafood. Meat-lovers need not to worry because they have quite a few selections, too!

We had chicken wings for starters. Guests have three options - Plain Salted, Buffalo and Belachan. We all agreed to go with buffalo wings.

shrimp bucket (3)
Chicken Wings PHP225

The wings were gone in 60 seconds! (Okay, probably 120 seconds if you include the time we took to Instageeee it, haha!) But believe me when I tell you that the wings are divinely delicious! As soon as I had my first bite, I had to stop to wait for the rice to be served! Ang sarap ulamin! It has the perfect tanginess which will suit both the bold and the weak-hearted when it comes to level of spiciness.

The Crispy Belachan Pork was a big hit for all of us. The pork is deep-fried giving it its very crispy texture. And then it’s coated with a thick bagoong sauce. It has the perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness.

shrimp bucket (1)
Crispy Belachan Pork PHP255

I specifically loved that pungent kick in the end which is obviously brought by the bagoong. And to make things even better, the dish is topped with tons of crispy garlic! My taste buds were doing a happy cartwheel each time I get a bite of this awesome dish!

The Spicy Pork Belly is a dish infused with so many flavors. Although in my opinion, this may have paled in comparison with the Crispy Belachan Pork, this dish is still savory enough to deserve a spot at our table. Every bite of this dish is like a symphony of different kinds of flavors that give my palates such a delightful treat.

shrimp bucket (4)
Spicy Pork Belly PHP 265

And now, let’s go to the highlight of our meal! What’s the point of going to Shrimp Bucket without trying their infamous shrimp?! A pound of shrimp cost PHP560, quite pricey, but you’ll definitely get the worth of your every cent! Guests can choose among their different special sauces. They have The Mardi Gras, Salty Eggsperience, Coco-SOL, Frenchy Lemon Pepper, The Spaniard and Coco-curry. The waitress who attended us suggested that we get their bestseller – Salty Eggsperience. After our meal, I wanted to hug her for suggesting this to us!!!

shrimp bucket (2)
Shrimp PHP560

This dish is cooked to perfection. Each piece is undeniably tasty! You’ll get that distinct salty and pungent flavor of the salted egg, plus the natural briny taste of the shrimp. Would you believe that this dish is so good that one of us literally got another serving of rice and ate it along with the sauce that was scraped off from the plastic bag?! Kulang na lang dilaan namin! Actually, gusto ko ngang tumira sa loob ng plastic bag sa sobrang sarap! Bwahahahaha!!!

Suffice to say, we all went back to work with a smile drawn to our faces. And our tummies were definitely bursting. Without a doubt, Shrimp Bucket gave us one helluva gastronomic treat!

Shrimp Bucket
Ground Floor Grand Hamptons Tower 1,
31st Street Corner 2nd Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 5

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  1. Bongga, magiging mas malapit na sa house nyo ang opis mo! Hehe. Kaya naman pag nasa BGC or Makati area ako, pati pag kakain sa Rob Manila, blog mo ang guide ko dahil sa dami mong food posts dito. CLick ko lang ang tamang tag, lilitaw na lahat. Ako naman, sa sobrang katamaran, hindi na ma-update ang food blog ko. Andami ko na kasi backlogs, waaaah..

  2. Sasabihin ko sana ang ganda ng pics mo dito tol! Yun pala taken with an iphone 5?! Kaninong iphone naman yun. Kain tayo dyan. Gusto ko ng chicken wings!

  3. Grabe yung shrimps tinatawag ako!!!! Ha Ha Ha


  4. wow je may ganito ka pala. :) nice!

    matry nga din yang shrimp bucket na yan. goodluck moving to makati


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