KDrama Review: Fated to Love You

Fated to Love You is currently being aired in ABS-CBN. My curiosity was piqued the moment that a teaser of this KDrama was first shown. My curiosity grew even bigger when my girl teammates would rave about this non-stop.

Fated to Love You is the story about a pushover, Kim Mi-Young (Jang Na-Ra). She’s the type of girl who does not know how to say NO. Kinda, uto uto, in short. She has become a laughing matter at work because everybody is treating her like their own personal assistant. In some twist of fate, she meets a rich but very eccentric guy, Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk). On the day that Lee Gun was supposed to propose to his then girlfriend, he had an “accidental” one-night stand with Mi-Young that led to a pregnancy.

I know, I know. The story is a big cliché. That was exactly how I felt while I was watching it. I’ve seen other Korean Dramas with the same plot. Much to my surprise, another cliché was injected in it – AMNESIA! It was such a bummer when the drama led to that point. Although the story of Fated to Love You is not as refreshing as I hoped it to be, I have to say that the performances of the lead actors very well compensated for the story’s weakness. Jang Na-Ra is just too cute for words! I also loved how she transformed from a meek Post-it girl to a strong-willed and sophisticated woman. She has shown great vulnerability after going through a series of hearthaches. Jang Hyuk’s over the top portrayal of a weird (almost borderline crazy) rich guy is actually funny and very amusing. I initially thought that it was the only thing that he could offer, but I was so amazed when he started to show his soft side towards the end of the story. Another favorite performance of mine is that of Choi Jin-Hyuk who plays Daniel, Mi-Young’s knight in shining armor. I first saw him in Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team. Daniel is the typical third-party-guy-always-waiting-for-his-love-to-be-reciprocated. And incidentally, Choi Jin-Hyuk did very well in making it hard for the audience not to choose him over Lee Gun!

The supporting cast was great, too. Most of them are just simply hilarious! I think that alone was enough for me to keep watching it even if I was slowly losing interest in the middle of the story. I’m just really glad that the funny and kilig moments were everywhere to keep me focused. Another strength of this KDrama is the chemistry of the two lead actors. I bet you have already seen a TV series or a movie that has too many flaws but you still keep on watching it because the lead actors are just too adorable. Well for me, Fated to Love You is one in that list. Despite its flaws, I have to say that Fated to Love You is a poignant KDrama injected with tons of fun and kilig! =)


  1. Mabilis akong gumraduate sa panunuod ng Koreanovela, ang hirap na kasi magkeep-up sa dami ng magaganda. Tapos nung napanuod ko online ang Queen Seondeok (with English subtitles lang), ang tagal ko bago nakamove-on. Cry fest talaga. Sobrang kinilig ako sa love ni Kim Yu Shin and Queen Seondeok, how they sacrificed and all. Basta, nanuot talaga sa puso ko, ilang days din akong malungkot. :)

  2. Uy uy mukang maganda 'to ah.. syempre walang Koreanovela sa TFC so kelangan ko 'to mahanap sa kung saang site na may korean series. Hehe. Thanks sa review! :)


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