Hotel Review: Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang

I recently attended a food-tasting event in Alabang so I took advantage of the opportunity to do two things that I had been meaning to do - try Ramen Yushoken and have a staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel. I had been to Acacia, Crimson and Bellevue, so Azumi was next on my list.

Getting there was not easy. It’s a bit far from the other hotels in Alabang that we had already visited. Plus, my husband made one wrong turn which made us go around in circles. He thinks that he’s better than the Waze app so he didn’t turn right when the app said so. Haha! We went inside a private village. And if I remember it correctly, we went around the Madrigal Business Park twice! Waze said “You have reached the destination” while we were in the middle of the road. Boyet pointed out a specific building, and insisted that it is the Azumi hotel.

Boyet: Eto ‘yan. Tara na!
Me: Sira! Mukha bang hotel ‘yan?!
Boyet: Ang tigas ng ulo mo e ayan ang nginuso ng guard kanina.
Me: Hindi ako naniniwala. Magtatanong ako!

So I went to the other building to ask where Azumi Boutiqe Hotel is. But before I could talk to the guard, I saw the small sign of the hotel. I asked instead where we could park our car. I told the guard that it’s hard to see the hotel’s sign and my husband mistakenly thought that Azumi is in the other building. The guard agreed with me and told me that a lot of guests get confused, too!

Azumi Boutique Hotel
We were immediately greeted by the receptionists. Checking-in was a breeze. The reception area is not as big compared with the other hotels that we stayed in, but I love the fact that Azumi managed to not make it look too cluttered. I love the minimalist theme and monochromatic colors of the area. The paint and couches are either in white or shades of black and gray, making the small pieces in red stand out! The reception area looks clean and really classy.

Azumi Boutique Hotel
Azumi Boutique Hotel
If I remember it correctly, we got one of the rooms in the 12th floor. It was just a spontaneous staycation so I just booked the cheapest room. I was so tempted to get the ones with a garden, but I restrained myself. Looking at the photos online, I knew that the room I booked is already big enough for the two of us.

We booked the Queen room. The published rate is PHP6000+, but they were having a promo so we got the room at half the price. The design of our room somehow follows the minimalist approach of the hotel’s reception area. The room is filled with white, black and brown making the orange accents stand out.

I loved that there is a bed and a sofa bed. We slept in the bed, and we ate in the sofa bed! Haha! The sofa bed will also come in handy if you have someone who is third-wheeling with you! :p

Our room has cable TV with very clear reception. It is always a delight for me each time I get to become a couch potato in the comfort of my hotel room.

Azumi Boutique Hotel
Azumi Boutique Hotel
Azumi Boutique Hotel
I am not sure if it is the hotel’s conscious effort, but their rooms are environment-friendly! We didn’t turn on the lights during the day. We just put the blinds up and utilized the natural light from the sun. It’s also quite refreshing given the busy yet scenic view of Alabang up from where we were.

The bathroom is clean and quite spacious, too. Although I have been to many hotels with bigger bathrooms, it’s nice how the Azumi management maximized the little space that they have. It’s not cramped. And the most important thing is that you can still move around freely. There are two things about our bathroom that I find quite amusing, though.

First, there is a glass window near the toilet area. You can actually pull up the blinds, and you’ll get the view of a very busy street. Can you imagine having such view when you’re trying to “concentrate” while using the toilet?! Hahaha!

Second, there is only one door for the shower area and the main bathroom. The door is dual-purpose, so if you close the door in the shower area, then the main bathroom door is technically open. It’s actually a nice space-saving idea, but it’s not ideal if you’re staying with people who you don’t want to see you taking a bath! Haha! Bawal ang mag-staycation with a manyakis friend, okay?! :p Technically, you can just close the main bathroom, but the problem with this setup is that the toilet area will get wet when you take a shower.

Both handheld and rain head showers are installed. Unfortunately, our room doesn’t have a bidet. When we checked out, the receptionist asked us if we have any feedback regarding our stay. I told him that everything is nice, but it would be better if the bathrooms have a bidet. The receptionist then told me that the hotel is undergoing renovation, and part of it is the installation of bidets. They have already started with the King rooms, and they hope to have bidets installed in every bathroom by early next year. So, yay! =)

We booked the room last October so aside from the 2 bottles of complimentary water, we also got 6 cans of beer for free! Oktoberfest lang ang peg! My husband loved it, of course! :p

Ironically, we had free beer, but our accommodation was exclusive of breakfast. We were being charged PHP350/head for the breakfast. My husband checked it out the following morning, but he told me that the choices are quite limited. Not wanting to shell out PHP700 for breakfast, my husband just crossed the street to buy breakfast from Jollibee! :p

Azumi hotel also has a swimming pool, but we were too tired to check it out. All in all, our stay at Azumi Boutique Hotel is such a pleasant experience. Of course it would have been nicer if our bathroom has a bidet and we had free breakfast. But I guess the free beer was a nice consolation. :p

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Azumi Boutique Hotel
2205 Market Street
Madrigal Business Park Phase III
Alabang, Muntinlupa


  1. The photo gallery wall is eye catching! Pangarap kong magkaroon ng photo gallery wall sa bahay namin kasi they look cute and classy at the same time (at dahilan ko din para makapagprint ng madameng pictures at bumili ng madameng picture frames! hehehe). Nice din ang interiors nila you are right na yung red colors help to stand out on the decorations.


  2. Whoa! Nakakamiss naman ang Azumi. That's where we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniv last March. Soft opening pa sila nun at mura pa ang accomodation (P3k nett with bfast na sa Romulo Cafe sa baba). Ang ginaw maligo sa infinity pool sa penthouse...brrrrrrrr!

    Love the service, too. Naiwan ko yung wedding ring ko pero naitabi nila. Binalikan namin the following day. :)

    P.S. Nagtipid ata sila sa glass door eh, kaya double purpose. Hehe. Di ko rin napansin na wala pala sila bidet.

  3. Haha, gusto ko try next time yung Crimson Hotel...nabasa ko post mo about it parang ang ganda at bago pa. Doon nagwork yung neighbor namin, ask ko baka may discount. :)


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