Restaurant Review: Seoul Express at The Fort Strip

Seoul Express at The Fort Strip became a part of our list of must-try restaurants after it grabbed a spot in the 10 Underrated Restaurants in Bonifacio Global City, as compiled by We have already tried Pasta Roni and 100 Miles Café which are also part of the list. Anyway, Seoul Express is relatively a small restaurant if compared with its neighboring competitors. Because of its minute built, diners get to experience al fresco dining. I believe this is more of an advantage given that I usually smell like smoked meat after eating in a Korean restaurant. Haha! We arrived a little before 12PM on a Friday so the place was already packed as expected. Fortunately, there were still two small tables available. Meant to be! Haha!

I was actually quite impressed with the menu of Seoul Express. They have almost everything what diners look for when eating in a Korean restaurant. Plus, the prices are very reasonable, especially if you compare it with K-Pub which is just a few cartwheels away from Seoul Express. It took us quite a while to choose from their wide range of choices in the menu. But incidentally, almost all of us settled with their bibimbap.

Seoul Express at The Fort Strip Bibimbap PHP200

Served in a big bowl, white rice is topped with different kinds of seasoned vegetables, nori and fried egg. The serving is very, very, very generous! After our lunch, all of us were complaining that our tummies are about to burst. I told them, “Heller! Isang arenolang bibimbap ang kinain natin!” Haha! But more than its big serving, what I appreciated more is its taste! You’ll definitely taste the freshness of the vegetables especially the refreshing zucchinis. Mixed with their chili paste, this rice-vegetables combo simply becomes a gastronomic delight. Our meal also comes with a bowl of soup and two side dishes. And oh, you can ask for refills! I think I had two servings of their kimchi!

Seoul Express at The Fort Strip
Because we all wanted to eat meat for lunch, we opted to get their samgyeopsal. The menu says that it costs PHP300/person. The downside here is that the minimum order is two servings. The good thing though is they do the grilling part, so all we needed to do was eat the meat. Although I know that some people want to experience grilling their own meat, I don’t think it is applicable with the setup of Seoul Express. They probably need a faster turnover, and customers doing the grilling will probably take more time. It’s faster if people just eat and go. But of course, that’s only my assumption! Haha! Anyway, I was fine with this setup because again, I didn’t stink after lunch, and all I needed to focus on was eating the meat. Haha! But then again, I wanted my meat to be more charred. I didn’t get it because they did the grilling. (Ang gulo ko lang kausap ‘no?! Hindi niyo alam kung natuwa ba ako o hindi na hindi kami nag-ihaw! :p) But the samgyeopsal is actually good! The cut is thicker compared with the samgyeopsal I have tried from other Korean restaurants.

Seoul Express at The Fort Strip Samgyeopsal PHP300/serving

Some may argue that Seoul Express looks unassuming, almost seemingly out of place with the bigger restaurants surrounding it. The setup is somehow similar to eating in a karinderya. But who cares?! When it comes to the taste and affordability of their food, Seoul Express can surely compete with its neighboring restaurants!

Seoul Express
The Fort Strip
26th Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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  1. Naintriga ako sa bibimbap nila ha! I love bibimbap! My first taste of it was from Kaya Restaurant at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. I remember it was yummy and left a good impression on me. Ang mga sumunod ay sa Kimbob na sa SM food court. Incomplete toppings and of less quality but okay na rin for just P99! :)


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