The Kolokoys in Boracay

I can think of hundreds of reasons why I have been absent in the blogosphere. You've heard most of it – I’m lazy, I’m busy with work, I’m lazy, and oh, I’m lazy. But I have a new palusot for you, my dear readers! I just got back from a very short vacation! My head is still not functioning the way it should be as I’m still getting used to not having sand in my feet and not hearing the smashing waves. I am still unable to come up with a decent blog post because I exhausted all my will power to get up this morning to go to work. In short, natuyot ang utak ko, soweeee! I promise to be back on track really soon and have you updated with my own Boracay discoveries. But for now, allow me to give you a glimpse of how I spent my time in Boracay. (If you're following me on Instagram, then you have probably seen these photos. If not, then ha! Go follow me on Instagram! :p)

People get so surprised when I tell them that I hadn’t been to Boracay. It seems like wanderers like me are expected to have Boracay on their “I have already been to” list. But Boracay never really appealed to me. I know it is a very unpopular opinion, but I never really had the urge to go there. I know that it’s very beautiful, but I kept on thinking that the lola in me would not be able to appreciate the crowd and non-stop partying in Boracay. But since it was Joie’s goal to bring me there, I decided to give it a go.

My husband and I went on a travel fast because paying for a house is financially and emotionally draining. Our last major trip was January 2013 when we flew to Bicol. Since then, most of our breaks are just staycations. Believe it or not, I actually forgot that we had a Boracay trip. Joie just kept on reminding me, and I kept on forgetting it. I told you I wasn't really keen on going to Boracay. And unlike our previous trips wherein we planned everything up to the tiniest detail, this was a bahala na si Batman kind of trip. We even booked a place where we would stay DAYS before our flight! It also didn't help that we were all so busy and didn't have the time to plan our trip thoroughly.

But then again, I am just so glad that I gave Boracay a chance. The beach is undeniably beautiful. I love the feeling of the sand touching my feet. But I have to say that it is still not my cup of tea. Drinking and partying never really charmed me, and I didn’t really get the idea of not being “detached” to the real world when you go to Boracay. I like the feeling of seclusion, something that Boracay failed to give me. I look at the beautiful beach, and when I turn around, I see bars, restaurants, and ATMs. I know, I know. I am weird like that! But fortunately, I got a few hours of what I wished for in one of the beaches we went to. I'll let you know about this really soon!

But the highlight of my trip is really my parasailing experience! It’s very fulfilling to know that I can do everything if I put my fears aside! Plus, I got to share this experience with three of my favorite people in the world!!!

Unfortunately, our group was a part of the welcoming committee for Typhoon Luis so we had no other choice but to cancel our initial plan on our last day. We ended up walking, playing with the sand, and swimming at 6PM trying to defeat the giant waves! Haha!

Despite the strong wind and heavy rains on our last day, we still managed to enjoy Boracay. Our entire stay was such an amazing experience. Even going back home was an extraordinary adventure!

So please, please, please be patient. I promise to let you know where we stayed, the food we stuffed our tummies with and the crazy things we did in Boracay! =)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! My husband and I went to Boracay in 2010 (we were still bf-gf then) and we have yet to go back. More than the beach and the crowd, I miss the food there and the super powdery sand. :)

  2. Nakakamiss naman ang Bora.. Mejo matagal na ko napadpad jan.. Tsk.
    PS: is it just me o parang naggain ng weight si Efren aka Boyet? Heheh


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