Restaurant Review: Tampopo at Bonifacio High Street

Months since the last time I checked out the restaurants at Bonifacio High Street, I came back one Thursday night after my long absence. I had to meet Joie as she needed to deliver something I purchased from her sister’s online shop. I decided to meet her at BHS because I wanted her to try Baskin-Robbins. (She loved it!!!) And after our ice cream indulgence, we headed to Tampopo because a bowl of hot ramen is very fitting for a rainy night. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking! Life is short so desserts should come first! :p)

Hubby and I went ahead with our usual strategy of just getting one bowl of ramen and one side dish for us to share. We settled with Deluxe Hakodate Ramen and of course, my all-time favorite gyoza!

Tampopo Bonifacio High Street Deluxe Hakodate Ramen PHP440

Deluxe Hakodate Ramen has a very rich broth. It’s also topped with butter so that enhanced the creaminess and gave that unique depth of flavor to the ramen. The meat is very tender. It also has corn kernels which added texture and a hint of sweetness. It was actually a very nice addition as the sweetness gives some sort of balance to the rich flavors of the ramen. I loved that the soup became a bit thicker as the yolk oozed out from the soft boiled egg when we split it.

Getting gyoza along with our ramen is a no-brainer. I always get one when I see one on the menu. It’s like I already have that weird bond with gyoza. We're meant to be! Nyahaha. Anyway, we had Sui Gyoza that night. You may also opt to have their fried version.

The gyoza was heavenly yummy! I love that it is a bit spicy, probably from the drizzle of chili oil. (I’m not sure if it was really chili oil. I just assumed because it’s spicy. Harharhar!) I think I enjoyed it way too much because my husband only got to eat a piece of the gyoza. Walang love love sa gyoza! :p

Tampopo Bonifacio High StreetSui Gyoza PHP150

Tampopo’s menu is actually extensive compared with other ramen houses with menus that are only limited to ramen and a few side dishes. As a matter of fact, they also serve katsu. So in case you wanted to have the best of both worlds, or you are simply fickle-minded, then pick one of their Tonkatsu Ramen choices. Joie had Tampopo Chicken Tonkatsu Ramen. I wasn’t able to try the katsu, but the ramen was so good! It wasn’t as rich and the toppings were not as much as the Deluxe Hakodate Ramen, but it’s very delicious too. It’s actually spicy and very hot. Haha! We were wondering why that specific kind of ramen was hotter than ours. Joie said that it was her first time to eat ramen as hot as the one she got. Parang may built-in kalan ‘yung bowl niya! :p

If I am not mistaken, Chris Tiu is one of the franchise owners of Tampopo. I wasn’t really sure, but the Oracare dispenser in the restaurant’s restroom convinced me that my guess was right. Hehehe!

Unit 205, Upper Ground Floor, C2 Building,
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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