Restaurant Review: Love Shack at SM Aura Premier

Love Shack immediately got my attention the first time I went to SM Aura Premier primarily because of its unusual location. It’s in between BDO and the entrance of the department store. Parang naligaw lang. Kumbaga sa friends, parang OP ang Love Shack. I remember checking out their menu countless of times before, but we would still end up eating at the Sky Park or at the mall’s food court. But after months of trying out the different restaurants at SM Aura, I finally got the chance to get to know Love Shack. Incidentally, Joie was also thinking what I was thinking about this restaurant. Parang naisingit lang daw sa floor na ‘yun ‘yung Love Shack! :p

We started the night with their Gambas in Thai Sauce. Jeff decided to treat us with this dish as he celebrates his anniversary at work. Ironically, hindi na namin siya officemate! Bwahaha!

Love Shack SM Aura Gambas in Thai Sauce PHP250

I was expecting the shrimps to be shelled and served on a sizzling plate as I am accustomed to that kind of Gambas. But Love Shack’s version is served on a red ceramic pan, and the shrimps still have shells. I was initially disappointed, thinking that it would be messy. But I eat it the way it should be eaten! I put all my energy in sucking out all the flavors from the head of the shrimps! (Hi there, Ramon Bautista! Haha!) I love that this dish has the perfect sweet and spicy blend. I would have wanted it to be spicier, but it was already hot enough for those who can’t tolerate very spicy dishes.

Joie and I each got the Love Shack Creation 2. Friends who eat burgers together, stay (fat) together! Haha! This juicy burger has mushroom sauce, bacon, Parmesan crisps, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. I was planning to get Love Shack Creation 1 because it has bleu cheese. I love bleu cheese, but I love bacon more so I settled with Love Shack Creation 2!

Love Shack SM Aura Love Shack Creation 2 PHP260

The burger is served with potato nuggets with three kinds of dip. I’m guessing those are mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. I’m sure about the first two. But the last one tastes so good for a normal bottled mayonnaise! It’s actually my favorite dip! And those little potato creatures are very, very, very good! You’ll get that crunch from the first bite, followed by that soft, almost melts-in-you-mouth feeling at its core.

And let’s not forget the burger. I know that the output of my camera phone can’t put justice to my claim, but this is one helluva mouth-watering burger! The juices from the meat and the mushroom sauce kept on oozing at every bite. The bacon and vegetables are very crispy. I may sound like describing a usual good burger, but it has one distinct ingredient which made this burger extraordinary! It’s the Parmesan crisps!

Love Shack SM Aura Notice that thin, yellow something on top of the lettuce. That’s what I am talking about!

I had seen Giada de Laurentiis do Parmesan crisps on her Food Network show. She bakes the Parmesan cheese until it turns gold and perfectly crispy. Aside from giving the burger the added crunch, it also gave that distinctive sharp flavor that you only get from Parmesan cheese.

Hubby arrived late so I took charge in getting his food. He specifically requested to have a rice meal despite all the convincing I did for him to get a pasta dish. The smell of the pasta dish from the other table was so tempting! Anyway, the three of us unanimously picked Pork Spareribs for Boyet.

Love Shack SM Aura Pork Spareribs PHP270

This was served with mixed vegetables on the side. I got to have a few bites of the meat. The meat is fork-tender and very tasty. I am guessing that my husband liked it so much because he finished his plate in no time.

I was initially thinking of getting Love Shack’s Eggs Benedict Surf & Turf until my love for burgers took over me. Fortunately, Jeff had this for dinner so we had a glimpse (and a bite too) of this delectable sandwich.

Love Shack SM AuraEggs Benedict Surf & Turf PHP295

One slice of the bread has bacon and poached egg while the other has salmon. Both are topped with hollandaise sauce. This has a very generous serving of bacon and salmon. Hindi tinipid! And the hollandaise sauce mixed with the poached egg is simply delicious!

Love Shack definitely stood out, not only because of its odd location, but also because of its good food and very fast service. I’m already itching to come back to try their pasta dishes (because my nose can still remember how good it was) and their fruit punch!!!

Love Shack
LG/F SM Aura Premier
26th St. cor. McKinley Pkwy,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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  1. Will check this out when we visit SM Aura again.

  2. Nice review! I had fun reading it :) i'll definitely try this with my hubbby on our anniversary, which is few days from today. Thanks!


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